The Block

Shock Block walkout! Foreman Keith and contestant Harry go head to head in an explosive fight

''Walk away and come back fighting.''

By Scott Ellis
If there's one rule contestants on The Block learn pretty quickly, it's don't unleash The Blockinator.
Foreman Keith is a builder with years of experience, who knows just what it takes to build a high-end home to the exacting standards The Block demands. And if anyone tries to skate past his rules, his tough side – aka "The Blockinator" – comes out.
This week, it's Victorian Harry who feels Keith's wrath when he makes a string of decisions without checking first.
Foreman Keith is on the war path. (Channel Nine)
"Harry doesn't like authority," Keith tells TV WEEK. "I think he's been used to renovating his own way and he doesn't like having Dan [the other site foreman] and me telling him what to do.
"But that just doesn't happen in building – you've got to get permission to do everything."
The trouble starts when home handyman Harry decides his fireplace is too high and sets out to lower it.
Later, his team blocks off the rear of their house to stop through-traffic while they work – and finally, someone on House One team makes a change to the stormwater pipes that Keith had installed… all without checking.
Harry is busted! (Channel Nine)
It's enough to send in Keith to read the riot act, but instead of getting an apology, he soon learns Harry won't back down: unless Keith's attitude changes, he'll walk.
"I think the best approach when a situation gets heated is to take the heat from the situation by just walking away," Harry, 57, tells TV WEEK. "Walk away and come back fighting."
It's on between the renovation duo! (Channel Nine)
Has The Blockinator met his match in Dirty Harry?
"I don't take to aggression," Harry says. "I don't think it's necessary… and yeah, I reacted to the way Keith spoke to me.
"There needs to be a bit of respect, and at this point between both of us I don't think there's any."

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