The Block

The Block’s Sara has a massive showdown with judge Shaynna Blaze

Will Sara ever see eye to eye with the judges?

By Faye James
After a massive meltdown on Sunday night's episode, The Block's Sara decided she'd had enough of the Channel 9 make over show, threatening to walk away.
Deciding to be a team player and giving the series a second chance, Sara agreed to stay another week.
But things took an unfortunate turn on Tuesday night when the mum-of-one had a head to head with judge Shaynna Blaze.
Viewers were gobsmacked as they watched the emotional showdown unravel, with Sara refusing to take Shaynna's advice and failing to listen to any of the feedback.
The tense moment saw Shaynna demand, "What's your career?"

Defeated, Sara answered, saying, "Flight attendant!"
"So how are you meant to know what I've done for 30 years?" Shaynna snapped.
Instead of taking heed, stroppy Sara rolled her eyes and murmured: "You can't keep doing this before someone explodes!"
Things only went downhill from there.
Sara and Hayden lost yet another challenge to Jess and Norm, which left the mum dubbing the show as "rigged".
The tense exchange follows Sara admitting she was ready to quit .
Her breaking point came after bathroom week, with their makeover placing them in the last spot, despite splashing $75,000 - including the exceptionally lavish brass bath tub.

"I don't want to be here. I don 't want to do this if we're going to constantly come last and be embarrassed on national TV," Sara cried.
"I'm on the verge of leaving," she said. "But I'll give it a go for one more week."
"If we get hammered again then I can't do it to myself mentally, so I will have to call it quits."

Off cameras Sara explained to TV Week why she felt compelled to walk.
"I'd got to the point where if I'm going to be constantly insulted on national TV, I'd rather spend time with my family and daughter," she exclusively told the magazine.
"It just broke us."
Hearing the judges – Neale Whitaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer – call their $75,000 bathroom "ugly", "dated" and "styled weakly" was gut-wrenching.
"It ripped my heart out," she confessed.
In the episode, viewers saw Sara storm off the set in the wake of the critique, but she is adamant that her dramatic exit wasn't just for the cameras.
Sara believed at the time she was finished with the show.
"I told the producers I wasn't coming back," she explained.
"I was really hurt and didn't want to be there. The judges weren't nice to us for three weeks; they were harsh. It got worse and worse, until that pivotal moment of the bathroom [judging] and I was like, 'I'm done.'"

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