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He may not have found love with Elly Miles on The Bachelorette but where is Frazer Neate now?

He's moved on!

By Alex Lilly
When Frazer Neate stepped out of the limo to meet Becky and Elly Miles at the Bachelorette mansion, fans knew he was going to go far in the competition.
With his dazzling smile and loveable larrikin vibes, Elly was drawn like a moth to a flame so it was no surprise when she picked him as her winner.
However the love story was a brief one and after numerous cheating rumours, Elly announced via Instagram video that she and Frazer had split in December 2020 just months after the show's finale aired.
"It's a bit of a quick turnaround to go from thinking you've found the person you want to be with forever to being single again," the 2020 Bachelorette mused at the time.
"I wasn't happy for a little while there and I know from my end, I gave it absolutely everything I had."
Elly also weighed in on the "rumours" and "allegations" of Frazer cheating.
"Whether it's true or not I don't know, that's not the reason we broke up. He says it's not true but f—k who knows, honestly."
So what is Frazer up to these days?
After The Bachelorette, Elly and Frazer's romance fizzled out fast. (Image: Ten)
Turns out the 2020 Bachelorette winner is living in sunny Queensland and looks like he hasn't aged a day!
Whilst his reality TV ex is still single, Frazer, who previously dated Holey Moley star Montana Strauss, is now coupled up with makeup artist Georgina La Spina.
Taking to Instagram in July, Georgie wished her man happy birthday by sharing a photo of the two of them dressed to the nines.
If our social media stalking is anything to go by, they've been dating since at least October 2021.
He is currently living in Brisbane and dating makeup artist Georgina La Spina. (Image: Instagram)
He may be taken, but Frazer's certainly charmed many other ladies since his time on The Bachelorette, including someone from Locky Gilbert's season!
Laura Calleri, who was one of the season eight Bachelor contestants, left a rather cheeky comment on one of his photos that hinted at a little flirtation.
Beneath a photo Frazer uploaded of himself cuddling a baby she simply wrote: "Daddy."
Frazer is still working in concreting and construction. (Image: Instagram)
Now in his 30s, Frazer continues to work in concreting and construction.
He's also wiped any trace of Elly off his social media and the only evidence he was on The Bachelorette is through a few photos and videos of himself or with his fellow contestants in the mansion.
Looks like he's well and truly moved on!