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The Bachelor Australia's Romy reveals she's after Nick Cummins, not friends

'I love being the villain!'

By Melissa Field
Her instant connection and "sexual chemistry" with Nick Cummins has put a target on Romy's back in The Bachelor Australia – but she doesn't care.
"Our obvious connection was confronting for the other girls, so they definitely gave me a vibe," Romy tells TV WEEK.
"I got the first single date with Nick. I'm not there to make lots of friends though, so that's on them."
Romy says Shannon was especially threatened.
"She's quite a sensitive little soul, so she wasn't too happy with me," the 29-year-old from Queensland says.
Shannon was particularly annoyed when Romy made it clear she'd kissed Nick on their date.
"Too bad," Romy says. "Shannon missed her chance."
Bachelor contestant Romy isn't afraid to tell it like it is.
Vanessa also got Romy's back up.
"I just couldn't bear to be around her," Romy admits.
"She was always saying one thing to the girls and then another thing to Nick. I had to call her out – constantly."
The fact that Romy is prepared to tell it like she sees it has caused friction with the other ladies.
"I'll speak out if something annoys me," Romy says. "If that makes me the villain, then fine, I'm the villain. I'm not nasty, just honest, and people in the house and watching at home can take that however they like. I'm OK with that."
Although Romy's honesty did cause friction in the house, she did manage to form friendships with the other contestants.
Romy did have some allies in the mansion, though. She grew close to Cat and Alisha and the trio became known as "The Tripod".
"They're my bitches," Romy adds, laughing. "One falls, we all fall. We're equally loved – and hated."
Despite the drama, Romy says she never lost sight of the main reason why she was there: to find love with Nick.
"I don't care with the others think of me," she declares. "I've got my eye on the prize."
The Bachelor Australia airs Wednesday and Thursday, at 7:30pm, on Network Ten.
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