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Bachelor Australia EXCLUSIVE: Nick Cummins gets married at the finale!

Meet Mr and Mrs Honey Badger!

By NW team
He didn't sign on to The Bachelor expecting a wedding, but that's exactly what Nick Cummins got after falling deeply in love with one of his Bachelorettes! Yep, NW can exclusively reveal that Bachelor Nick is officially off the market – and is set to wed his lucky lady in an emotional commitment ceremony in the season finale.
Indeed, Nick admitted to NW last month that he'd finally found The One after opening himself up to finding love on the show.
Nick's set to pop the question in the season finale of The Bachelor.
"I've got a much better understanding now of what love is to me," he told us, before teasing he'd already popped the question. "Going into the show, I would say that I would not propose – not even in a million years. But since living it…"
However, while Nick was happy to tease the fact he got down on one knee, what he was hiding was the fact he'd gone a step further and made their relationship official right then and there!
Head over heels with his "dream girl", Nick apparently wasted no time in telling the crew he and his "sheila should have a quickie [wedding]". "He said to producers he was not only ready to get down on one knee but he was also keen to get hitched," spills our insider.
"We thought it was a joke, but he said he just wanted to 'make her his missus' – and told the crew to call in 'any old celebrant' who could make it happen," spills the source.
The future Mrs Honey Badger can expect an engagement ring worth a whopping $10,000!
Bachie fans have already been given a glimpse of the romantic ceremony in the season trailer, which shows Nick, 30, holding a stunning ring.
"I see a future that is just so beautiful," Nick says as he cradles a three-stone engagement ring featuring a peach diamond in a rose gold setting from Larsen Jewellery, worth around $10,000.
And while the identity of the new Mrs Badger – and the owner of the breathtaking ring – is yet to be confirmed, Brooke Blurton, Cassandra Wood and Sophie Tieman's names have all been thrown around as frontrunners.
Indeed, the chemistry between Brooke, 23, and Nick has been electric since they first laid eyes on each other.
"I'm not sure I believe in love at first sight, but sitting there with Brooke... I'm starting to think it's possible," Nick admitted to producers after first meeting the stunning Perth-based youth worker.
And Brooke has confirmed that Nick has all the attributes she wants in a husband.
"[I want someone] athletic, but more so I want a guy on a deeper level – a person that has empathy and compassion for others," she says.
WATCH: When Nick met Brooke for the first time.
Sophie – who's recently moved from Brisbane to Nick's suburb of Manly, apparently to be closer to the Bach! – has also made it clear to NW that she has been dreaming about settling down with her dream guy for as long as she can remember.
"I'm very ready to fall in love – and what a great way to fall in love!" Soph, 25, says of being on The Bachelor.
"Marriage is important to me, and I want that. I'm old-fashioned. I want to meet the love of my life, get engaged, get married, have children and live happily ever after."
And she just might! But not if actress and rugby player Cass, 23, has anything to do with it! The smitten kitten is hellbent on getting her man back after their fling before the series ended due to "timing issues".
Insiders reckon the blonde would move heaven and earth to be the last girl standing at the end of the aisle with Nick.
"We wouldn't be surprised if she's even written her vows to Nick in that sparkly diary of hers," says a spy. "She's completely in love with him – this would be her dream come true." Awww!
Cass has her eye on the prize!
Nick has previously admitted to NW that he has big dreams for his future with his chosen one.
"Marriage is a union of two souls who are aligned and can deliver their purpose to the world while being together," he gushes.
And after the show, it looks like rugby union player is getting the fairytale he never would have expected.
"I think there is a higher power. Me being there, and the girls being there at that time – that's what's meant to be," he says. "And the girl I'm meant to be with is meant to be in there."

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