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BACHELOR EXCLUSIVE: Jamie-Lee reveals she’s back with her ex-girlfriend

She went on national TV to find love, but it turns out her perfect person was in front of her all along.

By Bella Brennan
Jamie-Lee Dayz may have been a last-minute addition on The Bachelor but the intruder certainly made a lasting impression.
Although she didn't receive a rose from Nick Cummins on tonight's episode, the 27-year-old has found herself at the centre of fevered speculation she could be dating her co-star Brooke Blurton.
And now, in an exclusive interview with Now To Love the stunning Sydneysider sets the record straight for once and for all - revealing she's actually back with her ex-girlfriend and she's never been happier.
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Jamie-Lee, Bondi, NSW, 27

Jamie-Lee, can you talk us through how it felt when you didn't receive that rose?
I kind of expected it. My single date was not what I expected. I didn't get the chance to show my true self and open up and we didn't really have a connection. Sure, we had a few things in common but there was no spark there.
We were working in an awkward environment and there was no chance to see if there was more and that's cool!
Nick is a lovely guy though and the nation has fallen in love with him. Is he just as charming in real life as he's coming across on the screen?
Definitely! He's such a warm, comforting person. Going in, I expected him to be like a footy head. I was so unsure if we'd have anything in common. From the moment I met him, I knew straight away that he had this certain aura that was really lovely and welcoming.
I was pleasantly surprised. He is such a lovely guy but unfortunately, he's not the guy I fall in love with but that's OK.
Speaking of falling in love, are you dating anyone at the moment?
Yes, I am. (Laughs) It's really lovely. It was completely unexpected but after the Bachie mansion, my ex just seemed to pop up in my life. We were both at an event and you know, we broke up because timing was never right. We were never really on the same page.
And we just caught up and it all went from there and it was amazing. She works in hospitality as well, we both work in hospo and she's in Sydney.
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That's so exciting. What's it been like to revisit this relationship with her?
It's definitely just a matter of timing, now we're both in the same headspace. In all honesty, it's everything that I think love should be. I'm so grateful and happy!
Well, that clears up any speculation you and Brooke could be dating. Can you talk me through your connection with Brooke?
Brooke is an amazing person, she and I are great friends. I actually am a little disappointed that all of these rumours have come out. The assumption that every bi-sexual person must be together. Like, if there's two bi-sexual people in a room, they must be together. I think that's such a backwards assumption.
I'm actually really disappointed by those rumours and I think that it's 2018, we should be a little more forward-thinking than that.
Absolutely. There was a lot of backlash over Brooke having to tell Nick that she'd dated women in the past. As you said, a woman doesn't need to explain her sexuality in 2018 but often mainstream TV like The Bachelor turns these kind of issues into plot-lines. As a self-proclaimed sexually fluid person, how did you feel going onto a show like that?
I went into the show to connect with Nick. The best way to describe it is by giving this example, I can only speak from my experience but I didn't feel the need to tell Nick that I was a vegetarian – why would I feel the need to tell him I've dated women?
It's who I am, it doesn't change my personality, I've dated women before and I've dated men. For me, it's the most normal thing in the world and I don't need to tell someone that.
"Brooke is an amazing person, her and I are great friends," Jamie-Lee tells us.
How did you feel watching that conversation between Nick and Brooke play out?
I think Brooke wanted to tell Nick that and that's something she's proud of as well. I'm glad it went so well.
He's a great person and he took it like he should have, like "OK! Cool! Next conversation."
It's so normal, it's 2018. I think it's really important to be confident and love yourself. When you are proud of yourself and proud of who you are, that's real beauty.
Was your experience on The Bachelor what you expected?
I kind of went into the Bachie experience with no expectations. Obviously I was at a stage in my life where I was ready to fall in love, unfortunately that didn't happen for me and you're not meant to fall in love with every person you date.
I think it happened exactly as it meant to happen and I knew I was leaving in tonight's episode. I had that feeling and I was OK with that. I made some amazing friendships and Nick is an amazing guy.
You went in as an intruder, which always ruffles feathers. Was that hard?
I think everyone is on their own journey and I think that it was a little difficult for other people to see us as competition but if you see another person as competition, that probably speaks more about your relationship with Nick than on me as a person.
Who is your top pick to win?
I think I'm with everyone in Australia right now, I think Brooke's an incredible person and she has so much to offer. They clearly have a really good connection, I'm rooting for Brooke.
What are your thoughts on the conspiracy theories Nick doesn't even end up with anyone?
Look, I think it's a little laughable. These girls in there are so incredible. If he chooses no one, then there's something going on there. He has incredible connections with all of these girls.
We also have to ask how your ankle's holding up after that tackle-gone-wrong with Brooke?
It was pretty difficult. I partially tore my Achilles tendon and sprained my ankle. Even going into it, once I had the injury I didn't think it was as serious as it was. I took it really light-heartedly. It added a level of difficulty in being able to participate in certain activities and that really sucked.
But I mean, I got carried by Nick and I had my first chat with him so I can't be that mad.
No hard feelings here: "I made some amazing friendships and Nick is an amazing guy."
Obviously the Mean Girls have dominated the headlines over the past few weeks, what were they actually like in the mansion?
I don't really like to call them the Mean Girls. I think that they had a clique and in a situation like that, you're under so much pressure and some people may get a little cliquey. I don't think anyone in that house had a mean bone in their body. I think it's a shame they played into those roles.
What's next for you?
Just pottering along and enjoying life. I don't really have anything crazy going on. Summer's coming up, just doing me!
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She came, she got tackled and she rocked a moon boot like nobody's business - farewell Jamie-Lee, we'll miss you.