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EXCLUSIVE: Cassandra Wood's revenge romance with Nick Cummins' brother

Cummin’ on strong paid off for Cass, who’s keeping her affections in the Bachelor’s family.

She was left grief-stricken and inconsolable when Nick "Honey Badger" Cummins sent her home rose-less and heartbroken.
But months on from her despair, which played out in front of the nation, Cassandra Wood seems to have fallen into the arms of another hunky suitor – and it's none other than Jacob Cummins… Nick's younger brother!
Woman's Day can now reveal that soon after leaving The Bachelor mansion, Jacob became an unlikely shoulder for Cass to cry on as she mourned her failed relationship with the former Rugby Union star.
"It started off as a friendship and things could well have blossomed," a close friend of the pair reveals.
"They're waiting for all the show's hype to die down before they make any announcement on the status of their relationship, but Nick couldn't be happier for them."
After Jacob comforted Cass in her time of need, it's believed the two grew closer in the months that followed her departure from the mansion.
It's Nick without the hair! (Image: Network 10)
Jacob has made Cass smile again after her tears on The Bachelor. (Image: Instagram)
Jacob appeared briefly on this season's Bachelor during a group date in September, where he let slip he and Cass were already acquainted!
They apparently met last year when Cass, 23, went on a few dates with Nick Cummins, 31, before he starred in the show.
"I met Cass about a year ago," Jacob said. "She was up for the summer, on the Gold Coast, and we went surfing with Nick and we had a few yarns, a few beers."
WATCH: Nick Cummins meets Cassandra Wood's family on The Bachelor. Post continues...
The moment Nick broke Cass' heart. (Image: Network 10)
Now, post-filming and after a few secret trips flitting between Sydney and the Gold Coast, it's believed the two could be an item and that they're considering going public.
"They don't want to cause a big fuss, especially as Cass' feelings [for Nick] were strong for such a long time," our source explains.
"It's only a matter of time before fans start suspecting though, as they're already on a picture-liking spree on Instagram!"

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