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EXCLUSIVE: The REAL reason The Bachelor's Nichole Wood walked off at the cocktail party

''You can never expect what you’re going into.''

By Anita Lyons and Emma Shepherd
It's week two of The Bachelor and the drama is most definitely heating up.
And while for the most part, the women of the mansion get along famously (even when they are vying for the affections of Matt Agnew, their collective "boyfriend"), it's an all-out war of the blondes between Nichole Wood and newcomer Monique Morley.
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Last week, tensions rose when Monique entered the mansion, with comparisons made between the two women.
And then this week, Monique managed to steal Matt away for a "getting to know you treasure hunt", resulting in her receiving not only a rose to keep her safe, but a date card!
Nichole, who had won some one-on-one time with Matt earlier in the day, was feeling confident until this moment. During their date, she had received a rose, and (for the first time this season) no kiss - with Matt wondering if this was "a sign of things to come".
As Monique gushed with the other girls over her triumph, Nichole sat seething with Rachael, reassuring herself that she was "fine" ... which we all know is girl code for "I'm not FINE!"
Then in the most dramatic moment yet, Nichole got up and walked away, shocking everyone around her.
Nichole and Rachael watch on as Monique gushes over her rose and date card. (Source: Network Ten)
"I know that people are going to think it's over jealousy," Nichole said in an interview with NW.
"But it was more being upset that me and Monique were getting categorised and being told that all we are is blonde blue-eyed girls and I know that both of us are more than that, that's what got me so worked up."
Nichole also revealed that the two women never really "had this rivalry" and that when the "intruders" came in, they were all making jokes and fun comparisons with each other.
"It was the constant comparison that started off as a joke ended up becoming a bit thin," Nichole revealed.
"It was me getting upset to being compared to someone, when we are both individuals and we both have so much to offer individually and no person is the same.
"It had nothing to do with jealousy."
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With all of the drama that took place, Nichole definitely has no regrets.
"It's been crazy, really exciting obviously coming in on a motorbike, just super crazy experience. You can never expect what you're going into. I was definitely taken back by it all; I loved every second of it."
And frankly, we are loving every second too!
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