Australian Survivor: Will David's fake idol be exposed?

“Shaun is going to blow his top.”

By Zara Zubeidi
David Genat has proved he's more than just a pretty face. Last week, the supermodel made a big move on Australian Survivor by making a fake immunity idol and lying about it to Contender Shaun Hampson, who was duped into giving him a real one in return.
Shaun now believes he's safe, but it's only a matter of time before David's sly swindle will be uncovered.
"Shaun is going to blow his top [when he finds out]," David, 39, tells TV WEEK. "He's a big player and a big part of his tribe. You don't want to have someone like Shaun gunning for you. I'm definitely going to have a target on my back."
David handed Shaun a bogus idol.
In spite of the repercussions that may lie ahead, David has no regrets. He says he went on the show to be a "big game-player".
And given that the Champions tribe's biggest threats – Steven Bradbury and Andrew "ET" Ettingshausen – have already been eliminated, he confirms it's working.
"The professional sportsmen alliance were all playing a good, honest game," David says. "But that's not what Survivor is about for me. You've got to be able to lie and back-stab. That just didn't seem to me something ET was willing to do."
David says he would be keen to take a player like Luke Toki to the final, should he make it that far.
"At the end, I want to sit there with someone I consider a huge game-player, and be able to say I played a better game – that's Luke," he says. "We have this weird alliance where we're making moves together, but doing stuff independently."

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