The tribe has spoken! After playing an enviable game, the winner of Survivor: Blood V Water has been announced

There could only be one!

By Faye Couros
After a gruelling season on Survivor's Blood v Water series, the twists, backstabs, highs, and lows have come to their tipping point.
The final four remaining contestants, Mark Wales, Chrissy Zaremba, Shayelle Lajoie, and Josh Millgate, battled it out through the final challenges to reach the last tribal council.
But it was Mark who survived blindsides and tribe swaps for the jury to vote them Sole Survivor.
Jonathan LaPaglia gave the exciting news to him and he reacted, "Thanks mate, I'm pumped."

Despite the fact that there could only be one winner, all four finalists were a joy to watch throughout the unique season that saw them compete alongside their loved ones.
The show's underdog Chrissy would have never believed in her first week that she would make it this far, but she learned the game's ropes fast.
Chrissy was the ultimate underdog. (Image: Ten)
After coming in with her brother-in-law, Michael 'Croc' Crocker, she used her enviable social skills to her advantage to create connections that kept her safe every week.
She only received two votes against her the whole season and won thousands of hearts around the country, although she failed to win any immunity challenges.
For every underdog, there is a front runner and returning player Mark was the one to watch all season.
He could have been the show's biggest target, but his excellent gameplay which included surrounding himself with loyal players and merging brain power with his wife, Sam, who played a stellar game, kept him safe.
Mark and his wife Sam worked hard for him to make it into the top four. (Image: Ten)
Of course, his physical strength was an advantage that secured him two immunity wins.
The tribe didn't expect Josh, who entered with his cousin Jordan, to make such a lasting impact, but the keen strategist was able to split votes seamlessly, stack numbers, and unravel shots from his allies.
Even though he faced a potentially game-ending topple when the purgatory three returned to the game, he could protect himself with the relationships he forged.
Jordan was able to come out on top every time. (Image: Ten)
Josh also tied with Mark with two immunity wins.
Finally, this season, Shay was an unstoppable force even after spending the longest time out in purgatory.
She entered the game with her partner Ben and her ability to perform intense physical challenges, which saw her gain three immunity wins and save herself from being voted out, placed her on the top of everyone's hit list.
Shay was an unstoppable player despite ending up in purgatory. (Image: Ten)
But when she won her way back into the game, she wasn't letting her second chance slip from her fingers, so Shay slowly broke down the majority alliance that was so prevalent in the game until she ended it.

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