Survivor Australia: Was Zach this year's true villain?

This Contender raised some eyebrows with his comments.

By Alex Lilly
Forget Russell Hantz, it looks like Zach Kozyrski was the real villain in the Survivor camp.
He may have the muscles and physical skills, but his game-playing tactics and misogynistic comments didn't win him many fans in camp or with the viewers at home and the Perth personal trainer was sent home last night.
After Tegan's return from Exile Beach, we thought it would be Benji on the chopping block, but after yet another dig at his female teammates for not being as strong as the women on the Champions tribe, Zach was evicted.
Get to know the man everyone's talking about.
Zach was all about brawn over brains.

Who is Zach Kozyrski?

Zach rose to fame in 2009 on the show Gladiators as Hunter and it was his competitive nature that made him apply for Survivor.
"I'm a huge fan of the show, just like I was of Gladiators. All I wanted to be was a Gladiator. Did that. Now all I want to do is be a Survivor. As a hyper competitive individual, I relish the challenge and it's the bragging rights of being Australia's lone survivor. I love to compete and this game is the pinnacle."
Now a personal trainer, Zach also built and recruited Australia's number one paintball team, of which he is captain. The 39 year-old also said he has the smarts to outwit his opponents.
"I know how to make people feel good about themselves and to believe in the process. I think most people see fitness guys as big dumb idiots but I want to play smart."
Zach appeared as Hunter on Gladiators back in 2009.

Zach's sexist comments on Survivor

However, it's his comments at the expense of the women on his team that have made him drop down in popularity. After saying that "the girls are all just as weak as one another," Zach compared the women on his team with the Champions.
"The girls that they've [the Champions] got are all athletes and we've got graphic designers and mums and whatever the hell it is Paige does, I don't even know."
Marketing coordinator Paige has been the target for not just Zach, but many of the Contenders.
Speaking to his teammates, the personal trainer added, "[The Champions] are all elite athletes — they've all been training since they were kids. Now, I know you girls have been putting in some training at, like, F45 and stuff for like five weeks, but you can't compare."
Paige has been Zach's number one target.
Zach also admitted that it is "highly possible" a woman could beat him in a challenge, but said it depends on the challenge.
"If it's physical strength, girl no chance. But if we're looking like at a dishwashing challenge, I might be in trouble."
On top of that, Zach made a lewd comment about Paige's behind and when he received some backlash, he took to Instagram to 'apologise.'"I would like to issue a public apology for the comment I made to Paige on last night's episode of Australian Survivor because some people were clearly offended. I just want to say, it was all taken completely out of context and I would never actually say something like that to Paige in that way. Because she's like a 6, and I would only say stuff like that to 8's and above."
His Instagram (funnily enough) is now set to private. Wonder what his wife has to say about all of this?
Zach's Instagram is now on private after receiving a lot of backlash.