Delivery man Steve is the fourth contestant eliminated from Australian Survivor

“I just feel so surreal right now, to be voted off so quickly."

By Faye James
After Monday night's shock elimination, it's anyone's game on this season Australian Survivor 2018.
On Tuesday night it was Takeaway delivery man Steve that was sent home by the tribe after much secret strategizing among the Contenders, despite him trying to win the boys over.
The first challenge saw the Champions battle the Contenders to drag team members off poles for some toiletries.
Australian Survivor Steve is the fourth contestant to be sent home
And poor FIFO worker Jenna found herself having to quit after she injured her damaged ankle.
The medic was concerned she may have ligament injury which may see her leave the competition.
The Champions won the challenge leaving Contender Jenna blaming herself.
"I'm absolutely devastated to be honest. I'm so angry that I put my hand up. Until I know what's going on, like, this could jeopardise the whole tribe," she laments.
"[the doctor] thinks there might be some damage to the ligament. There's no way to tell. And if I keep going I'm gonna do damage that can't be reversed. So, she advises that I don't do it anymore," she cries but decides she's going to soldier on despite her injury.
"Absolutely 100% not ready to go home. This is just the beginning and I'm gonna be here till the end, as long as I can be."

The next challenge saw the contestants throwing giant balls at targets and across an obstacle course, with injured Jenna having to sit out.
Jackie again slowed the Champions down, but they were desperate to win immunity that they managed to pull through at the last minute, leaving the Contenders having to go to Tribal council.

There was talk of eliminating Shonee and Steve but then also talk of blindsiding Paige.
The Contenders seem confused in their strategy but in the end, it was Steve that was sent home.
"I just feel so surreal right now, to be voted off so quickly. But the social politics got too much," said Steve.
"It's a little bit more intense than I expected. I had a lot of fun," he laughed.
Last night Damien Thomlinson became the third person voted off Australian Survivor 2018. He was the second Champion to get the boot, after villain Russell Hantz was eliminated last week.
Damien says he hopes Steve is crowned the winner in the end, saying the fall-out from last night's episode will be interesting to watch.
"We had a great bond," Damien says. "Steve, he's such an honourable guy and such a good guy as well, and I think he watched those votes come out and there were people who had given him their word... I know that's the game, but still, in our profession your word is your bond.
"I hope Steve does win, I honestly do. Matt or Steve. They're both legends, I have a huge amount of respect for them. I definitely hope that it's one of those."
Damien continues, "I'm just as keen as anyone else to see how it unfolds; after all did you see how quick it turned on me? I think there is a rift that's going to… there are cracks that are going to form after that elimination. I don't think it was a wise move."
Australian Survivor continues Thursday night at 7:30pm on Network Ten.

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