Apollo Jackson admits lighting himself on fire on Australia's Got Talent left his Love Island girlfriend terrified

“When I realised my arm was on fire, that urgency went from an 8 to a 12”

By Zara Zubeidi
Former The Bachelorette Australia star Apollo Jackson left the Australia's Got Talent audience speechless last week with his risky magic act.
Lucy Durack found it "unbearable", while fellow judge Nicole Scherzinger said the performance left her "traumatised". And Apollo's girlfriend Edyn – who appeared on Love Island Australia last year – found it just as terrifying…
Did you fear the worst?!
When you're performing with fire, it's completely unpredictable. Everything was going well, but when I realised my arm was on fire, that sense of urgency went from an eight to a 12!
Edyn must have been terrified!
She was in the audience with her parents and they were all horrified. I think she got her first grey hair!
Apollo's magic trick didn't quite go to plan.

How's it going with Edyn?
Really well; I'm really happy. It's nice to have someone who's fun, outgoing and supports all the weird things I do.
How has life been post-Bachelor?
I've had a tough few months. It's been really quiet for me – and my grandma passed away.
It wasn't like I wasn't being taken seriously as a magician, but I was more known for being this single guy [because of The Bachelorette]. Australia's Got Talent was the perfect opportunity to show who I really am and what I do.
Do you have any regrets about going on The Bachelorette?
No. It was an amazing experience and I learnt a ridiculous amount about myself and what I look for in a partner. I wouldn't change that for the world.
How tough was it losing your grandma?
She passed away about two weeks before my audition.
I was probably closer to her than anyone else. She loved magic – I was always doing card tricks for her and making her smile.

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