Meet the Australian Ninja Warrior lovebirds whose romance will melt your heart

This Ninja-obsessed couple are back for another shot at victory.

Could it be a case of third time lucky for Australian Ninja Warrior lovebirds Olivia Vivian and Ben Polson?
The couple, who met at a Ninja-training gym in 2017 after they both took part in the first season of the show, are back again this year, determined to bring their A-game to the harder-than-ever course.
The Perth-based pair had only been dating for a few weeks when they both got the call to compete in season two – cue awkward filling out of the application forms!
"Ninja sends you these questionnaires, and they ask, ''Who do you want running alongside you and what is their relationship to you?'" says 29-year-old Olivia.
"I wrote, 'Ben Polson: Boyfriend.' Ben wrote, 'Olivia Vivian: Friend.'"
Though Olivia says it made for a "very" awkward moment, she admits, "I thought, 'I'm getting along with Ben, hopefully in four weeks' time [when we compete], he will be my boyfriend!'"
"But actually, once we'd filled that out and sent it in, we had a chat about it – it was actually that conversation that sparked the official conversation."
Ben and Olivia had only been dating a few weeks when they signed up for another shot at Australian Ninja Warrior. Image: Channel Nine
And they've gone from strength to strength ever since – Olivia and Ben, 26, are now living together and about to launch a Ninja training program.
They'll both be standing alongside the course to cheer the other on as they compete, as they were in January when they both represented Australia in the International Ninja Warrior Championships in the US.
It all sounds very serious – so could we see some sort of televised Ninja engagement atop Mount Midoriyama? "I'm waiting for my sparkly ring!" Olivia says.
"It's definitely something we've discussed," Ben says. "But when it does happen, you want to keep it special – I'd like it to be a surprise."
He adds, "We're not in any rush to have kids, or get married and buy a house. We're just two Ninjas swinging around life, travelling the world and having an amazing time."
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Olivia and Ben are now living together and are about to launch a Ninja training program. Image: Channel Nine

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