MasterChef's Dessert King Reynold Poernomo's most incredible creations

Bow down.

By Alex Lilly
One of MasterChef's breakout stars of season seven was Reynold Poernomo who despite finishing in fourth place has had a career some foodies only dream of.
The 26-year-old chef is back for a second shot at the title for season 12 but if there's one thing he knows how to do it's desserts.
Over the course of his season seven stint, Reynold made 27 jaw-dropping desserts and was called "the best pastry amateur cook the show has ever had" by ex judges Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris and Matt Preston.
Since his appearance on MasterChef Reynold, along with his brothers, launched the KOI Dessert Bar and expanded with a second store as his savoury restaurant Monkey's Corner and it's safe to say he's a big threat in the competition.
"When I went in I was definitely scared of my man Reynold," fellow contestant Hayden Quinn told Now To Love adding that he makes "amazing desserts".
We've certainly seen some epic creations from the pastry chef ,including the famous Forbidden Fruit dish and the pliable chocolate with honeycomb, rosemary ice cream and orange that he served up to chef supremo Marco Pierre White.
Keep scrolling to see his best creations.