EXCLUSIVE: Masterchef’s Khanh Ong on his journey from partying to pastry!

Khanh talks us through his incredible journey from hot-shot DJ to culinary superstar - even if he did nearly burn his parents' house down in the process...

By OK! team
Victorian DJ Khanh Ong is hitting high notes in the kitchen, but reveals he almost ended up on a very different reality show. "I also signed up for The Block," the 25-year-old tells OK! exclusively.
"It was a girlfriend's idea. I have no background in building, but I studied design."
Thankfully the MasterChef call came through first and now the well-connected foodie is spinning plates in the TV kitchen.
You're a successful DJ. Why sign up for MasterChef?
I needed a change, a challenge and I want a career in food. I just didn't know how to start.
Do you know any of the other former MasterChef contestants?
I know Brent [Owens], who won a few years back [in 2014], just through events and such. I should've got some MasterChef tips from him!

Did you lose work while filming?
I had to say no to a few very big gigs, including a national tour which I might never get to do again, but this was too good an opportunity to pass up.
What's been your biggest kitchen fail?
When I was 13 or so I tried to cook deep-fried quail and I legitimately set the kitchen on fire. My parents were not happy.

You're good on the decks and a whiz in the kitchen. What do you like to do during your downtime?
I love being outdoors. [I like to go] kayaking in Brighton, Melbourne, paddleboarding in Port Melbourne or hiking near Black Spur. I love eating out and exploring new places. I live a really active lifestyle – I go to F45 every day, followed by yoga, Pilates or meditation. I obviously also really love music. But it's time to change things up.
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