The 2022 winner of MasterChef's Fans and Favourites series has been leaked

It's a shocker!

By Chanelle Mansour
Australia's favourite cooking show is officially back for another season, this time with 12 household names and 12 aspiring chefs facing off in the iconic kitchen.
This year, MasterChef: Fans & Favourites has seen the return of former contestants and winners like Julie Goodwin, Billie McKay and Tommy Pham.
Series judges Melissa Leong, Jock Zonfrillo and Andy Allen are also back to taste-test each and every dish as it's plated up to determine who will be the season's winner.
Ahead of the season premiering, Melissa told our sister site WHO just how amazing this season is, and why the new dynamic is one to watch.
The judges are back with a talented crop of cooks. (Image: Ten)
"Throwing together 12 contestants that have been here before and have gone out into the world and achieved their own sense of self within the world of food – then throw in 12 superfans who have grown up watching the show and are really very sophisticated in what they can achieve. That's an interesting dynamic," Melissa told WHO.
"I think for the returning contestants, they are invigorated by that rush of new blood. And for the brand new superfans, they are really working with people who have been their heroes and who they aspire to be," she added.
"You see a lot of incredible food, you see a lot of personal, individual styles being struck very early, and that's something that doesn't happen for a long time with people who are trying to find their identity in the kitchen. It's really a testament to the quality of [the contestants]."
Billie has the highest odds of winning this season. (Image: Ten)
With the competition as fierce as this, the pressure is officially on for the seasoned winners and the fresh contestants alike to come out on top.
Already there seem to be a few names that have risen to the top as the bookies' favourites' to win, or make it pretty far in the competition at the very least.
Sportsbet has season 7 winner Billie McKay as the one who's tipped to be the last remaining favourite in the competition, with her odds of winning at $1.40.
Fellow favourites Sarah Todd and Julie Goodwin are sitting in second and third, with their odds of making it towards the end at $2.75 and $10.00 respectively.
Favourite Julie is set to take third place. (Image: Ten)
As for the fresh-faced fans, Daniel Lamble is sitting on odds of $1.05 at being the last one standing in the competition.
He's followed by Keyma Vasquez Montero, who is sitting at $7.00 on Sportsbet, and food influencer Montana Hughes who has odds of $21.00 at making it all the way.
The bookies also seem to think it's the favourites who will take the win this season, with their odds at $1.01 and $1.15 on Sportsbet and Tab, respectively.
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