MasterChef's Linda shares the heartbreaking reason she was finally inspired to go on the show this year

The 38-year-old mum plans to win the top gong for a close family member.

By Woman's Day team
Linda Dalrymple is set for one of the most challenging experiences of her life as she enters MasterChef as one of the Top 24 contestants.
But speaking to Woman's Day, the NSW mum-of-two says the MasterChef kitchen will be nothing compared to what she was forced to endure last year.
"My grandmother caught COVID-19 while she was in hospital for her dialysis treatment and unfortunately passed away within a week of finding out," Linda heartbreakingly reveals.
"It was a very tough time for my whole family. She lives in France so we weren't able to fly over. We couldn't even arrange a funeral for her.
"She left us way too soon."
Linda is doing everything for her grandmother as she tackles the famous MasterChef kitchen. (Network Ten)
But despite her heartbreak at not being able to see her grandmother (pictured above)one last time, Linda says it's her sudden passing that's made her realise the fragility of life, and even compelled her to audition for the show.
"What happened with my grandmother showed me that life is too short to put things on hold and that I need to follow my dreams before it's too late," she tells.
"Life's too short to put things on hold," Linda tells us. (Network Ten)
Indeed, the talented kitchen whizz has certainly learnt a lot over the past 12 months.
"My outlook on life is to appreciate every moment we have with our children, partners, family and friends, and to not dwell on minor details.
"It's easier said than done but I believe that if you put your mind to it and you take that leap to go and achieve something that you have always wanted to do, you can do it."
She aptly concludes: "Live life with no regrets, I say."
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