Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight’s Matthew claims: “I don’t know if I’m enough for Lauren”

Matthew continues to struggle with his confidence despite losing his virginity

By Zara Zubeidi
Last week saw Matthew lose his virginity to wife Lauren on their honeymoon.
But despite feeling more connected to his partner, Matthew, 29, continues to be plagued by feelings of self-doubt due to his lack of experience in the bedroom.
"There's this overwhelming feeling that maybe I'm not enough," the videographer tells TV WEEK.
"I've always felt not good enough. To me, that's something that concerns me. Am I going to be good enough?" says Matthew.
"With my limited relationship experience, will I be able to be everything she needs me to be? I'm so inexperienced relationship-wise, so it's all quite a big deal."
Matthew is worried his limited experience will be a problem in his relationship.
Matthew's doubts are only worsened this week when Lauren, 31, drops a huge bombshell, leaving him "overwhelmed" and questioning their future.
"The journey for me in this experiment is overwhelming regardless, as I'm facing a lot of firsts. It felt like a lot of information to take in.
"It adds pressure and that heightens the whole thing of not feeling good enough – it almost fuels it. I put pressure on myself and it makes the feeling of being inadequate that much greater."
Lauren has left Matthew feeling 'overwhelmed.'
Matthew tells TV WEEK that his decision to lose his virginity to Lauren came from their honest and open honeymoon.
"I took a chance and really opened up to her about the traumatic experience I had and what really led me to closing myself off and having these issues with being intimate and vulnerable," Matthew says. "She really understood and was compassionate and kind. There was a definite connection there.
"I definitely felt closer to her, I felt a lot more comfortable. There was this compassionate kind woman who's been really supportive. We had this special moment and it definitely brought us closer."
Though they're heading in to tough territory this week, we hope this couple can make it work!
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