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Married At First Sight Exclusive: Why Jessika Power's mum wasn't at her wedding

Jessika admits to a troubled relationship with her mother

By TV Week team
Like most Married At First Sight participants, finding a partner and starting a family are top priority for Jessika Power.
However, the stakes are even higher for the bride-to-be who admits to TV WEEK she had an unsettled family upbringing.
The 26-year-old reveals she grew up without her biological father in her life after he and her mother divorced when she was very young.
"Growing up I didn't have the best upbringing," Jessika opens up on the show. "My mum and my dad divorced when I was one and then my mum moved to Western Australia, because she said it was the furthest away she could get from him. I didn't have a strong father figure when I needed it the most growing up. That was hard."
Jessika in her wedding dress on Married At First Sight (Image: Nine Network).
When her mother remarried, Jessika was lucky enough to grow up with a supportive stepfather. Unfortunately, however, her relationship with her mother subsequently deteriorated over time.
Fans were left wondering why Jessika's mother didn't attend her wedding on MAFS when the ceremony aired in an episode on Tuesday night. Jessika tells TV WEEK it's because her mum isn't in her life.
"Me and Mum don't talk," the administration officer and part-time model reveals. "All we did was argue. So one day, I just turned around and was like, 'Let's just cut it.' Ever since then, I've been a lot happier."
Jessika reunited with her father Troy six years ago (Image: Supplied).
Jessika is also adamant her mother won't be involved should she find her perfect match and decide to start a family of her own.
"I don't hold any hatred towards her, but our relationship is too far gone," she says. "I don't miss not having a mum in my life."
In happier news, Jessika has reunited with her biological father, Troy. The pair reconnected six years ago and she says it's been "amazing getting to know him".
"We now talk twice a day, she says. "He's the most beautiful man I've ever met.
Troy walks Jessika down the aisle (Image: Nine Network).
Troy walked Jessika down the aisle at her wedding on MAFS, but she admits she'd also like her stepfather to be involved if she has a 'real' wedding after the show.
"In the real world, I'd have both my dad and stepfather walk me down the aisle."

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