Married At First Sight

Married at First Sight EXCLUSIVE: Elizabeth admits she is still reeling from being ditched on her honeymoon

''I'm not going to apologise for anything that I was doing''

By Anita Lyons
A few months may have already passed since Married at First Sight filming wrapped, but for bride Elizabeth Sobinoff, it feels like only yesterday.
In Tuesday's episode, we watched as her TV husband, Sam Ball, left for New Zealand to comfort his ex-girlfriend upon the sad death of her mother.
And while he was dealing with the devastating circumstance, Lizzie was left alone, trying to figure out why on earth she had joined the experiment, if she couldn't get to know her husband.
Now, in a sit-down chat with Now to Love, the 27-year-old talks about how being left alone for days after their wedding and how not hearing from him still affects her to this day.
"I tried to be as honest as I could be," Lizzie said. "I know a lot of people are saying - why would you act like that? But I wanted to be as real as possible."
"I tried not to sugar coat things. I know some people do to stop people from hurt feelings, but I needed to say what I was thinking with real emotions and say, 'I'm sorry guys, but this is what it is...'"
Sam leaves for New Zealand, leaving his new bride behind. (Source: Channel 9)
On Wednesday's episode, we saw Elizabeth imprisoned in her room with not so much as a text from her husband and even after she makes a phone call to him, he still doesn't get in contact with her.
The fact that Sam was at a funeral, had audiences questioning Liz behaviour - particularly because she was so furious that her "experience was ruined".
But to her, no one quite understood what it was like to be in that situation - so it's important to see it from her point of view too.
"You're in a pressure cooker environment," she said. "So they [viewers] can have their opinion watching you because to them it's only taken an hour. In reality it was all taken over a huge spectrum and so a lot of emotions are condensed down."
"I'm not going to apologise for anything that I was doing."
Elizabeth during our chat. (Source: Now to Love)
Not hearing from Sam was very trying for Elizabeth, and made a tough situation worse.
"I thought, 'what am I even doing here?' Why am I in this experiment? I don't understand what 's just happened and why there is no contact. I don't understand, I shouldn't even be here."
When asked if the producers told her anything, she said: "No but I tried! I would have screaming matches with them saying, I want to know, because 'what is the point of me being here'?"
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While it's safe to say that Elizabeth and Sam's marriage is rocky at best - Elizabeth is certainly giving her groom the "benefit of the doubt".
"No one would lie about that," she said, while adding - "I tried to be respectful, but he said something back to me, that I was like, 'that's below the belt, Mate'. He said that I wouldn't be concerned about anyone dying'. That - me now, I could start crying."
It's unclear what the future holds for this couple, but we can all certainly agree, it hasn't been smooth sailing!