Married At First Sight

MAFS: Davina reveals how excited she was when Dean wanted to leave Tracey

“I know what I want.”

By TV Week team
Sunday night's episode of Married At First Sight was an explosive one. It was the first commitment ceremony and it let slip the true intentions of Davina Rankin and Dean Wells – that they're unhappy with their own partners and find each other very attractive.
And when it comes to the man of her dreams, Davina isn't prepared to let anyone stand in her way of finding Mr Right.
Despite the experts matching the personal trainer with tradie Ryan Gallagher on Married At First Sight, Davina has set her sights on Dean after meeting him at the dinner party.
"He came across quite mysterious," Davina, 26, says of her attraction to the burly 40-year-old.
That's despite him being in a confessed raunchy relationship with bride Tracey.
"He had charm," she says. "I'd just been with larrikin Larry [Ryan] for the past week."
Davina has her sights on Dean
So when Dean said he wanted to leave wife Tracey Jewel at the commitment ceremony, Davina's eyes lit up.
"In that situation, you feel a little bit like a schoolgirl," she says. "You're like, 'Oh, my God – the guy I have a crush on doesn't want to be here with his partner!'"
This week, Davina decides to make her move.
"Chemistry is like next-level," she says.
WATCH: Davina flirts with Dean at the first dinner party (story continues after video)
"I know what I want, and this is the first time I've felt excited and giddy. We look good together – I like it."
Davina's forward approach is a far cry from her confession to TV WEEK earlier in the season that she hates infidelity.
"I know how horrible it feels to be cheated on and to be the bad guy," Davina explains.
"But I was unapologetically myself the whole time. Controversial maybe, but honest and upfront."

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