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Married at First Sight's Cyrell steals Jessika spin-off TV show

Out with Jess and Martha and in with Cyrell and Lizzie!

By NW team
It's no secret that Cyrell Paule and Jessika Power aren't exactly BFFs. But after a lot of mudslinging between the two, it seems that Cyclone Cyrell has come out on top in the battle of the TV whirlwinds!
NW previously reported that Jess and Martha were being eyed up for a Simple Life-style spin-off.
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But we're now told those plans have been scrapped due to the backlash Jess and Martha have received – and instead Cyrell and Elizabeth Sobinoff are being scouted for the show!
"They have great chemistry. It could be a ratings winner," shares an insider. "It's going to be such a riot!"
MAFS stars Jessika and Cyrell. (Source: Channel 9)
Back in March, NW reported that the ride-or-die besties are hoping to land their own reality show in the same vein of The Simple Life!
"They're shopping around the idea of them doing a Simple Life-style show, travelling around Australia, doing odd jobs and mingling with country folk," an insider said of the Paris-and-Nicole wannabees.
"Jess being a total fish out of water on Mick's farm during the home-stay gave them the inspo."
It's no secret that Jessika is looking to extend her five-minutes of fame after the show wraps.
Martha and Jess living the simple life... (Image: NW)
"She purely, 100% went on for social media fame," our source tells Now to Love exclusively. "However, you want to describe that."
"She was always constantly on her phone, playing with her hair and taking photos for her Instagram and unfortunately, she's never going to change."
According to our source, Jess really "projects this whole wanting the simple life and kids thing, but she's just all about her social media and her image."
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Story continues after the video...
Jessika has received a lot of negative attention as of late.
After uploading video of herself "drink driving" (which she later apologised for) and being dumped by her ex-boyfriend Dan Webb, a video emerged of the 27-year-old getting cosy on a couch with season five MAFS star, Telv Williams.
Woman's Day originally busted Jess and Telv enjoying each other's company - and revealed that they had reportedly been hooking up.
Filmed on Christmas Eve, Telv and Jess (and an unknown friend) are seeing relaxing on a couch with a bottle of champagne at 3am.
While pouring champagne, Jess says seductively: "...You show me your areola first." Charming.
Jess' ex, Dan Webb, claimed in an interview that Jess and Telv hooked up in December - while the pair were still a couple.
"[Telv] messaged me on Instagram saying they hooked up just before Christmas," Dan said.
While Telv told the publication he had "no idea" Jess was dating Dan at the time.
Who needs a reality show when she has real life?

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