Married At First Sight

Show switch! Could the Bachelor's Alex Nation be heading to Married at First Sight?

Producer's want her for MAFS!

By NW team
Casting is well underway for the next season of MAFS. And there may be a familiar face amongst the new crew – Alex Nation!
Uh-huh, a TV insider tells NW the former Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise star is being approached by producers.
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"She's dream casting!" says the source of the bisexual single mum.
And after the backlash of the last two seasons, they need a hook that doesn't involve affairs or couple swapping. Casting a celeb could be the way to go.
They can even match Alex with a bride or a groom!"
After all, the famous face formula worked on Sophie Monk's season of The Bachelorette!
Alex Nation for MAFS Bride 2020! (Source: Instagram/alexandranation)
However, if Alex, 27, is in talks with MAFS producers, she's doing a good job keeping her lips sealed.
When asked by NW if the rumours are true, she replied, "Hell would have to freeze over!
"I think I'll give dating shows a rest for a while. However, if they wanted to throw me into the jungle, I'd eat anything, jump off anything and bath in anything for my charity!"
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So what does one do when giving reality TV a rest? Re-invent yourself of course!
While she is known for her signature blonde chop, Alex has got an entirely new do to show off - and quite frankly, she looks incredible.
Taking to her Instagram to make the grand debut, Alex shared two pictures of herself rocking her new strawberry coloured locks after posting a cryptic story mere hours before from a salon.
"I'm sorry, the old Alex can't come to the phone right now.." the reality TV star wrote alongside the pic.
Fire! (Source: Instagram/alexandranation)
Talk about re-invention! (Source: Instagram/alexandranation)
Fair call - if this is what new Alex is, then we're all for it!
Earlier in the day, Alex shared an Instagram story where she was seen waiting patiently in a hairdressers chair.
"Here goes nothing!" She wrote along with the pic.
Well, it seems there was in fact something - because people have literally gone nuts over her new look!
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