Married At First Sight

"It was mortifying" MAFS' Carly Bowyer opens up about her 'awkward' marriage with Justin Fischer

But Carly admits she doesn't regret her time in the experiment at all.

By Helen Vnuk
Finally, Carly and Justin have accepted that their "marriage" wasn't going to work out and have left Married At First Sight.
So how does Carly now feel about the one time she had sex with Justin?
"I don't regret sleeping with him at all," she tells TV WEEK.
"I think, for us, we got to that point where it was make or break. We were both able to say we tried and it didn't work."
Justin and Carly didn't quite hit it off.
At the previous commitment ceremony, viewers saw Justin kiss Carly – very awkwardly. Carly admits it was "mortifying" to watch on TV.
"But experiencing it was probably even worse," she adds.
"Honestly, I think he needs some lessons, because it was not good. It was awful. I had to tell my dad to maybe not watch that episode."
The "very awkward" kiss.
She says she and the other girls laughed about it afterwards, with them comparing Justin's technique to "a lizard".
"I don't know how he could attack a woman like that, with his mouth. Maybe he's been with women before who've liked that. We just didn't gel well in that kind of sense."
The couple didn't always see eye-to-eye.
Carly says she can "only imagine" what people are thinking sex with Justin must have been like after seeing that.
But she insists it wasn't terrible.
"It was good. We'd had a few drinks at the dinner party and it just flowed naturally. We weren't forcing ourselves. It just seemed natural and normal. But it didn't really give us the result we were hoping for, which was that, all of a sudden, 'Love is alive!'"
And, she reveals, Justin's beloved ice-cream business didn't have any involvement in the encounter at all.
"I can assure you there were no ice-cream costumes! No ice cream, you'll be pleased to know. Or maybe you'll be disappointed to know – I'm not sure!"

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