Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight’s Jo reportedly has a new man and he’s been posting loving pics with her for months

This doesn't look good for James.

While we never dare hold our breaths when it comes to the outcomes of the Married At First Sight couples we did find ourselves hoping bubbly bride Joanne Todd would meet the man she truly deserves as the season began.
The doting mum instantly captured our hearts and it appears someone has in turn captured hers… it just isn't her MAFS groom James Susler.
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Gossip site The Wash has uncovered a series of photos of the 39-year-old with a new man after being "inundated with messages" about the major spoiler.
According to the publication the mystery man is named Joe Donaghy and he's been sharing A LOT of happy snaps with the MAFS star to his Instagram, including one of the couple spending Christmas together.
Before you get to lurking, his account is on private. However, he does follow the bride's account.
The publication's source also alleges the duo met as Joe was a customer at Jo's barbershop.
We're not surprised the stunning bride has been snapped up post-filming. (Instagram)
Funnily enough when viewers first met Jo she told producers that despite cutting men's hair all day she'd never met any potential partners.
The alleged romance is yet to be addressed by Jo, and could potentially be a case of "good friends" but time will tell.
Further fuelling rumours of a split between Jo and James, was a video that emerged via the Daily Mail of the groom kissing another woman while out at a Melbourne nightclub.
"He was seen dancing the night away, they were kissing on the dance floor and he clearly didn't care who saw," a witness told the publication.
Things aren't looking good for James and Jo. (Channel Nine)
While the bride and groom hit things off on their wedding night self-confessed Kmart lover Jo was quick to notice the difference in her lifestyle to that of the prestige car company owner.
"We're getting along like a house on fire, but I noticed that he has this Rolex watch, so I am worried that we are from completely different worlds,' she said.
"I'm a Kmart shopper and he looks like a Rolex shopper, so this will be interesting."