Married At First Sight

Did MAFS Carly Bowyer dump Troy Delmege for another TV groom?

Not another couple swap?!

By NW team
After nine months, Married At First Sight's Carly Bowyer and Troy Delmege have called it quits, admitting that their "lives no longer align and [they] are unable to make this work".
But could Carly already have her sights set on another man?
Over the past few months, as rumours of a split between the couple did the rounds, fans and co-stars noticed Carly, 33, becoming increasingly close to MAFS Season Four groom Nick Furphy, who got hitched to Perth twin Sharon Marsh, 33.
Carly and Troy announced their split last week.
"Is wife-swapping [happening] between seasons now?" Justin Fischer, 43, who was originally paired to Carly, said to the flirty duo back in July.
And though fans have urged Carly and Nick, 31, to "give it a go" since they started spending time together in March – insisting the pair would "make a cute couple" – Carly was desperate to keep the spark alive with Troy.
"She really wanted it to work with Troy – the feelings she had for him were real," says NW's source.
"But things started falling apart when Troy quit his IT job in Sydney and moved into her Melbourne home."
Nick and Shaz were the hero couple of MAFS 2017.
Indeed, the source says Carly became "increasingly annoyed" at the fact that Troy still hadn't found a job five months after moving in with her, and spent his time obsessing over his dwindling public profile.
"After the show, he thought big things were coming, but the fame quickly faded," says the source.
"It was irritating for Carly – she couldn't stand how focused he was on staying in the public eye, rather than just getting a job and moving on."
In fact, the source goes on to say that Carly didn't get enough affection from Troy, which could have saved their relationship.
"Carly wanted his attention – she wanted her ego stroked," says NW's source. "Troy just wasn't that person."
Well, maybe Nick is?

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