Married At First Sight

“1950s called and want their storyline's back”: Married At First Sight fans were not impressed with the show’s racy tasks

It's not hard to see why...

By Maddison Hockey
This season of Married At First Sight has had viewers furiously calling out bad behaviour and double standards from misogynistic grooms to aggressive confrontations and wine throwing.
But some of the biggest concerns raised yet came during last night's episode of the show.
As honesty week continued brides and grooms were given letters from other couples with brazen assessments on their marriages.
Coupled with these reviews were instructions for a task, designed by fellow couples, to help build on issues raised.
Somehow, this led to half of the brides stripping down to nothing.
Bride Alana cooked her groom, Jason, dinner in a red lingerie set meanwhile, inspired by the iconic Titanic scene, fellow bride Belinda posed nude for Patrick to draw her.
Watching his wife Alana, who's always been body confident and open about her sexuality (something we love to see), Jason commented: "I felt like Hugh Hefner. This was the most amazing moment of my life."
Jason was over the moon with his wife. (Channel Nine)
Fans were less than impressed, particularly in the wake of recent sexual assault allegations by Brittany Higgins in Parliament and last week's Women's March demanding equality.
"So we have sexual assault and harassment of women making headlines and MAFS decides that having women apologise and cook in their lingerie is the right storyline to play out. 1950s called and want their storyline's back," one Twitter user wrote.
"Alana just single-handily [sic] pushed us all back... to 1950," another echoed.
"Typical man... she cooks and shows her body and suddenly Jason's interested again. But the minute Alana wants to talk about how she's feeling, forget it, we're done," a third viewer noted.
Patrick and Belinda BOTH stripped down for their challenge at least. (Channel Nine)
As for Belinda, fans were less concerned about her baring all as did husband Patrick, than whether she was comfortable with the situation.
"There's something real f--ked up about the way this show tries to force Belinda to be intimate," a fourth wrote.
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