(Wander)lust at first sight: Here's where all the MAFS honeymoons took place

Yeah, we're jealous.

By Alex Lilly
Once the Married At First Sight weddings are done and dusted, it's time to get the ball rolling on the honeymoons.
For the couples, this is their first chance they've had to spend some alone time with their partner and get to know them properly, but more often than not, it's the first time the cracks in some relationships start to show and the couples start to fight.
The MAFS honeymoons take place in an array of exotic locations, ranging from South-East Asia to local Aussie getaway spots, but there's a reason why some are a little fancier than others.
Former bride Jessika Power revealed in an Instagram Q&A session that each couple's honeymoon is dependent on the date they get married.
"So if you got married earlier on, you got an overseas holiday, if you got married late you got an interstate holiday, because everyone needed to be at the dinner party at the same time so we could all meet each other," she explained.
This year, couples were treated to some lavish holidays, and if you saw these locations and thought about booking your own romantic trip away, you're not alone.
We've found out the locations of every single MAFS honeymoon this year, including teh hotels where the couples stayed.
Check them out below.