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Love Island Australia’s Erin Barnett admits: "I’ve spent 10k on surgery"

And the reality star isn’t stopping there!

By OK! team
The Love Islanders didn't know what hit them when feisty Erin Barnett walked into the villa.
The outspoken, brutally honest blonde isn't one to hold back her opinions.
And now, she's spilling all her surg secrets in an OK! exclusive.
"I've only spent like $10,000," says Erin, who's definitely open to making a tweak here and there.
"I've only spent like $10,000!"
Jokingly captioning one of her Instagram posts "Boobs are life," it's really no surprise that Erin's gushing about her own brand new bustline.
"I'm a 10/10 now. I'm so happy with my boobs – I got them done in August last year," Erin tells OK!. "I paid for them. My boobs were $8000."
Far from an impulse decision, Erin says she always wanted a little something extra in the chest area.
"I always wanted to get them done but my stupid ex was like, 'No, you're not getting them done.' He said, 'Guys hate girls with boobs' and that's a f—king lie," she spills.
"When we broke up I got them done a month later!" she laughs.
The girls spend a lot of time in swimwear. And naturally, they all want to look their best on screen. "It's all about the bikini on this show!"
While she's stoked with the upgrade, Erin admits she'd consider going bigger.
"I was about a B cup and now I'm a double D. I'd like to go to another cup bigger, but then I wouldn't be able to stand up," she says.
And when it comes to cosmetic enhancement, the nursing student's had done. "My lips cost $800 and I've had them done twice, so I've only spent like $10,000. But speak to me in a year and I'll have spent a million dollars on work. I will!"
And judging by his comments, Eden (her Love Island partner) would be totally on board. "I reckon plastic is fantastic," he's said in the past. "A man who says he hates fake boobs is lying."
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