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Love Island fans are freaking out over Amelia Plummer and Josh Moss secretly tying the knot

Wait, what?!

By Maddison Hockey
In the crazy year that's been 2020, there's been few exciting moments, let alone weddings to celebrate.
So, when Love Island Australia couple, Amelia Plummer and Josh Moss, recently shared a series of bridal photos on their Instagram pages, fans were elated.
Taking to Instagram the couple, who met on the reality dating show two years ago, shared photos from idyllic wedding location, Sydney's Ashton House.
Snapshots showed Amelia, 24, kissing Josh, 27, while posing for a photographer as well as a glimpse into a gorgeous garden patio adorned with a few white chairs.
The couple teased fans with a few snapshot of their special day (Instagram)
But alas, keeping in the tone of 2020, a year of disappointments, it turns out the couple's snaps were part of a bridal shoot, and not the real thing.
Talking to the Daily Mail, Amelia confirmed the couple hadn't actually tied the knot, but she would like to "some day".
"We actually got asked to do it the day before by our mate [photographer Jack Henry]. It was more of a favour really," she explained of the misleading photoshoot.
"My best friends all thought it was real! Even Josh's sister was confused. Everyone thought we'd eloped."
The couple met two years ago on the dating show. (Instagram)
Amelia and Josh are one of Love Island's most successful couples.
Having met on season one of the show in 2018, Josh made the romantic gesture of asking Amelia to be his official girlfriend, and they've been going strong since.
"When we got out [of the villa] there was so much media... and that is so much added pressure to the relationship," Josh told Insider Voices earlier this year.

For those hoping Josh and Amelia will wed for real this time, they best not hold their breath.
"A lot of people always ask us, 'When are you getting married or having kids?' But I'm 24 and not ready! You wouldn't ask your friends who have been in a relationship for one year those questions," Amelia added to Josh's comments.
"There's also the pressure of seeing other reality TV couples who are having a baby. getting married, or moving in together... everyone wants you to progress quickly.
"As long as you don't compare yourself to another reality TV couple - we just focus on ourselves and it's okay."

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