House Rules

Fans overjoyed by Toad and Mandy's win in the House Rules 2018 Grand Finale

The couple were the clear fan-favourites!

New South Wales country couple Toad and Mandy took out the top prize during the House Rules 2018 Grand Finale last night. The pair won over Queensland couple Mel and Dave.
Walking away with $355,000, and a newly renovated home, Toad and Mandy were overjoyed by the win. So too, were the fans.
The clear favourites from the beginning, their win was celebrated by House Rules viewers on social media.
Toad and Mandy crowned House Rules winners.
Fans flocked to Twitter to congratulate the couple on their win, and share some hilarious thoughts about the episode as well.
Click through to read all of the funny, and heartfelt, responses to the Grand Finale from House Rules viewers.
After taking out the top prize, the engaged couple are planning to move ahead with their wedding plans right away.
Toad and Mandy tell TV WEEK they'll be ready to get cracking on plans for the big day, which they'll share with their young twins, Lenny and Layla.
"We just need to pick a date and obviously contact the people and see if we can book it," Mandy, 28, says.
She says the couple plan to spend their winnings wisely.
"We've done a long haul to get to where we are," says Mandy. "We were away from our businesses and our kids and family for a long time. It's about the future and just staying strong."
Part of their strong future involves putting money towards Mandy's own beauty salon.
Toad and Mandy have big plans for the prize-money.
Toad says the couple's win is largely due to Mandy's incredible eye for design.
"I didn't think we'd get through the first week, to be honest with you," Toad, 33, admits. "I've never built anything in my life, really. I didn't know that Amanda could design as well as she can. She used to put the cushions on the lounge and I'd have to throw them off to have a sleep at lunchtime, but I didn't know she had quite the eye.
"It goes to show that just because you don't have all the big shops around you, you can still have that eye for design and the will to go away from your kids and family for so long, and still do a really good job," he continues.

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