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House Rules' Shayn and Carly: ''Our miracle baby!''

As newlyweds, they had a bub on the way before they knew what hit them!

By Zara Zubeidi
House Rules' Sunshine Coast couple Shayn and Carly certainly didn't wait around to fulfill their desire to become parents.
The pair tell TV WEEK their five-year-old daughter, Harper, was conceived just two days into their New Zealand honeymoon!
"She's a honeymoon baby," Carly, 31, reveals. "We went to New Zealand for about six weeks and Harper would have come in the first two days!"
Shayn and Carly with their daughters Harper and Imogen (Image: Channel Seven.)
Also parents to Imogen, who's three, Shayn says he's "severely outnumbered" when it comes to the male/female ratio in their household. That said, he loves being a dad of daughters.
"Every girl loves their dad," Shayn, 33, says. "Before you have kids, you always think about having a son, but having two daughters, it's just not something I need. I'm happy with my two girls!"
One thing Shayn and Carly do need is a home renovation, with the couple describing their place as a "prison."
"It's a small rectangular box with bars on the windows, security screens all over the place and not much light," Shayn says of his home.
Adds Carly, "Having our house renovated into a dream home would be like winning lotto!"
Carly says having their home renovated would be like "winning lotto" (Image: Channel Seven).
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