Farmer Wants a Wife

EXCLUSIVE: Farmer Wants A Wife star Ashleigh reveals what it's REALLY like behind the scenes and spills on the fallout from THAT cheating scandal

Is this Farmer Wants A Wife, or MAFS?

By Rebecca Sullivan
Farmer Wants A Wife star Ashleigh unwittingly found herself at the centre of the show's major scandal this week, as she became embroiled in shock cheating claims between her farmer Harry and one of her competitor contestants, Karlana.
Rumours were swirling on set that Karlana had developed a romantic connection with a crew member during filming and was no longer interested in Harry - claims which outraged the farmer and led to him sending Karlana home during Sunday night's episode.
While Karlana emphatically denies the cheating claims - "I still to this day don't understand how a harmless chat can get so twisted," she says - it was actually Ashleigh who alerted Harry to Karlana's supposed wandering eye.
"Did I tell someone about something I shouldn't have? Sure did. Did I make it up to cause drama or to get rid of someone? No," Ashleigh said.
And in a shock twist, Ashleigh was eliminated from the show during Monday night's episode, after going on a single date with Harry.
Following her elimination, Ashleigh spoke to Now To Love about how the scandal has led to her unresolved tension with Karlana, who she thinks deserves to win Harry's heart and what it's really like living with the guy you're dating - plus the three other women you're competing with - all under the same roof.
Were you surprised Harry sent you home?
I actually wasn't surprised, I'd already started packing.
I think at that point we'd had our date and all the time we'd spent together and there just wasn't enough of a spark for us.
We definitely felt more like mates, and I'm pretty sure we both felt that. Someone had to go, and being the girl that had the least connection with Harry, I knew that had to be me.
Farmer Harry (right) was devastated by the cheating claims. Image: Channel Seven
How were you feeling after Karlana left? Have you since straightened things out with her?
I felt truly terrible with what happened with Karlana. I think I was a bit naive in thinking that me sharing conversations wouldn't cause drama, it definitely wasn't my intention!
It was a super tricky position to be in, as I value honesty above anything else and Harry and I had already spoken about that, so he knew he could ask and I'd be honest.
I haven't spoken to Karlana since that night, and after watching the episode myself and seeing her reactions and some online comments, I can be pretty sure that ship has well and truly sailed!
Ashleigh says she "hasn't spoken" to Karlana since that night. Image: Instagram
Ashleigh said she had "already started packing" her bags after her single date with Harry on Monday night's episode. Image: Instagram
Can you give us an update on your love life now?
I can't say much, but maybe Harry and the show have had a bit of a "good luck chuck" effect on a couple of us!
Who do you think Harry will choose?
I'm hoping he picks Stacey. From day one getting back to the farm you could feel that they really had something that seemed almost electric.
Ashleigh pictured with Stacey (left), one of two remaining women in Harry's group of girls. Image: Instagram
Karlana (left), Ashleigh (centre) and Stacey (right) pictured on a flight together during filming. Image: Instagram
There's been chatter online from several contestants saying viewers aren't getting to see everything that really happened. Any behind-the-scenes, secrets you'd like to share?
I think there's only so much that can fit into an episode, so there's a lot you don't get to see. For example, despite the drama at two of the events, all us girls and Harry managed to get along quite well the rest of the time. I think everybody got the chance to say what they needed to when the drama happened, and then left it at that.
At the farm, there was lots of parts that don't get shown like us cooking together, even a bit of a fun cooking competition at one stage, playing games and chilling in the dam, and chasing [Harry's dog] T-Bone away from the washing line and chewing our clothes!
Most of us wouldn't hang out in real life, but we made it work pretty well!
Ashleigh hinted that she has since found love after the show. Image: Instagram
What was it like living under the same roof as the guy you're dating, with three other women?
I've never lived with a bunch of people, let alone girls, so I was really surprised that it turned out pretty well! I shared a room with Stacey, which was really easy as we're very similar people. Harry tried really hard to make it as relaxed and easy as possible for all of us so most of the time we were all hanging out together if we weren't doing farm activity or heading to events!
Have you spoken to Harry since filming wrapped, or since the show aired?
I haven't spoken to Harry since leaving the farm, I think we were just mates and haven't really felt the need to reach out.
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