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Lisa Curry approves of Jett Kenny and Lily Cornish

Lily’s got Lisa’s thumbs up!

The Dancing With The Stars judges have branded their chemistry as "sizzling", and things also appear to be heating up off the dancefloor for Jett Kenny and his bombshell dance partner Lily Cornish.
"I'd be lying if I said there wasn't a spark," Jett has confessed. "[Lily's] gorgeous – it's sort of, like, 'Wow.'"
And sources tell Woman's Day that Jett's proud mother Lisa Curry very much approves of the pair's blossoming relationship.
The trio stepped out together last week in Sydney, and an onlooker reveals that Lily, 19, and Lisa seemed to be as thick as thieves.
Jett and Lily have an undeniable chemistry. (Image: Network 10)
"Lisa was in such a great mood – you can really tell she enjoys Lily's company," the eagle-eyed bystander tells Woman's Day.
"They were laughing, cracking jokes and were getting along like a house on fire."
"Lisa absolutely adores Lily," adds a well-placed source. "She's welcomed her into the family with open arms."
WATCH: Jett Kenny and Lily Cornish dance up a storm. Post continues below...
"Lisa absolutely adores Lily. She's welcomed her into the family with open arms." (Image: Lisa Curry Instagram)
Lisa hasn't refrained from expressing her approval of Lily and Jett, 24, on social media either.
"So proud of Jett and Lily, dancing their hearts out with the biggest smiles..." the 56-year-old captioned an Instagram photo of the dancing duo.
She also posts frequent words of encouragement on Lily's page.
With the doting mother on side and the pair's chemistry only steaming up, one question remains: when will Jett and Lily make their tango official?
Lily's got Lisa's thumbs up! (Image: Network 10)

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