Dancing With The Stars

DWTS celebrities open up about dancing through the darkness in their lives

“We’re fighting through the pain!”

By TV Week team
The cast of Dancing With The Stars tell TV WEEK they're high-kicking their way to happiness as they each face personal demons both on and off the dance floor.
Constance Hall and Michelle Bridges admit online bullying has brought them each to their knees.
And recent shock eliminated contestant Olympia Valance reveals she's finally "closed the chapter" on a toxic relationship through her powerful dance for My Most Memorable Year a few weeks ago.
"It was nice to do that with dance," Olympia, 26, spills. "I got a lot of support [on social media] afterwards."
Olympia with her dance partner Jarryd.
Actor Samuel Johnson said the contestants have "all bonded" during their time on the show.
"We're in such an extreme environment," Samuel, 41, says. "You end up not wanting to let anyone down or be negative towards anyone. I haven't felt like this since Secret Life Of Us in the '90s – it's like a TV utopia."
He adds that comedian Denise Scott has a real impact on him.
"You'll never hear her talk about the pain or the physical demands," he says. "She's teaching me a lot about stoicism. Talk about fighting through the pain!"
Samuel with his partner Jorja Rae.
"There's a bond between us because we've all copped it," Constance, 35, adds.
"Michelle would understand what I'm going through – we've talked about it a lot. When it comes to online bullying, my friends don't have that in common. But it's been good to meet other people who understand."
And despite the fact there can be only one winner – with Courtney Act impressing judges week in and out – there's a happy ever after waiting at the finale for all, Sam says.
"It's like being in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory – it's all the things, all the times; all the colours, tastes and characters," he enthuses.
"It's a rainbow, and when you confront a rainbow, you'd better bloody try to slide down it!"
Though Courtney is favoured to win, all the celebrities are having the time of their lives.
Dancing With The Stars airs Monday, 7:30pm, on 10.

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