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Dancing With The Stars: Guest judge Bindi Irwin slammed for being "fake"

And boy they didn't hold back...

By Alex Lilly
On Monday night, the Dancing With The Stars judging panel was joined by Aussie icon and winner of the US series, Bindi Irwin. And though she sounds like the perfect guest judge on paper, fans were not convinced after hearing her critique.
Viewers immediately took to Twitter to voice their opinions on her sickly sweet critique was with many labelling it as "inauthentic" and "fake."
After Jett Kenny's performance, the daughter of the late Steve Irwin praised him, saying:
"You are a really strong guy and you have to really use that to push you forward. And as a competitive lifesaver, you have to use that determination within you to keep you going throughout this competition,"
So don't give up and keep listening to your beautiful partner because she will guide you, she's like your guardian angel!"
But despite her well-meaning words, people weren't too convinced.
One account penned, "A word of advice to Bindi Irwin on #DWTSau... you need to develop a grown up tv persona and be more natural. That saccharine sweet stuff that was so adorable in a young teenage girl just seems fake in a young woman. You need to grow darls..."
"If you use the term 'gushing' to describe someone's style, Bindi Irwin is a veritable geyser," another one tweeted.
Bindi's stint as guest host wasn't as well-received as you may have thought. (Image: Network Ten)
But not everyone was quite so harsh.
"Y'all Bindi Irwin is like such a great role model. I aspire to be as hard working and loving of everything as she is. I just want to hug her," said one fan.
"Oh hey @BindiIrwin 😍 so excited that you're a guest judge this week on @DancingOn10 💃🏻✨ #DWTSau," another posted alongside a screengrab of the Australia Zoo icon.
She may not be a hit behind the judging panel, but the 20 year-old certainly knows how to cut some moves on the dance floor!
Bindi won the 21st season of the US Dancing With The Stars along with it, a whopping $AUD 509,000. But instead of keeping the money for herself, she declared that the money would go back into her parents' charity Wildlife Warriors.
"Everything that I make goes back to wildlife conservation," she told TMZ.
"We have conservation projects all over the world ... It's wonderful. It's who we are."
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