Dancing With The Stars

EXCLUSIVE: Beau Ryan gets candid about his experience on Dancing with the Stars

''It feels like I'm in prison!''

By Emma Shepherd
Former rugby league star turned Amazing Race host Beau Ryan has burst out of the scrum and onto the dance floor, as he gears up to compete in the new season of Dancing With The Stars Australia.
The 34-year-old tells NW he's enjoying swapping his footy boots for dancing shoes so far, but admits the experience has been "tough and frustrating".
He even likens it to being behind bars!
Guess he won't be busting out the Cell Block Tango anytime soon then...
Despite saying he's the "fittest" he's veer been Beau explains that sometimes rehearsals can feel like he's in prison! Eek! Source: Getty
Hi, Beau. How's the training going?
It's been annoying. It's fun, but my mind is full – I overthink everything, so the more I think, the worse I dance.
I have moments where I need to have a break to just stare out the window. In my dance studio they've got bars on them, so I feel like I'm in prison! I focus for a little bit, but then I have to go and do my own thing for a while. I deadset feel like I'm back at school, man!
It's not just physically taxing, but also a mental challenge, right?
I physically feel pretty good. I feel the fittest I've felt since playing footy. I feel athletic enough to do the show. But the disadvantage is when you're not good at something and you try to be good at it, and you can't master the skill, you get really frustrated.
It's mentally one of the hardest things I've done because there are so many routines and steps to remember!
Beau says his partner Megan is an "absolute star" because she's so "patient" with him. Source: Seven
What would help you relax in rehearsals?
I think Valium would do it! Look, I want to make this clear – I can't dance! I like dancing in clubs and bars to Drake and hip-hop, but that couldn't be further from the songs in rehearsals. I'm out of my depth, mate! My dance partner Megan Wragg is super-patient, thank God!
Who is your biggest competition?
Claudia Karvan! She trains at my studio, but she trains after me. Sometimes I stand on a crate and peek through the window like a creep. She's good, man!
Any injuries yet?
I have a lot of aches and muscular pains. I am sore. I've got a lot of respect for the hours that dancers put in. It doesn't sound like a lot, but six hours a day is a lot of training. I feel like I've been bashed.
The brand new season of Dancing With The Stars premieres on Sunday February 9 at 7.30pm on Network 10.

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