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"I’ve played the game hard, yet kept my integrity intact": Big Brother's final four plead their cases after Sarah's shock elimination

It's all coming to a head - but who will win?

By Sebastian van der Zwan
It's coming to the end of her fourth season as the all-seeing host of Big Brother, and as the final four have finally been revealed, host Sonia Kruger reveals the show still has the ability to surprise and move her.
"I'm there when they film and I see them editing, but when it's going to air, I'm still yelling at the TV because there's so much jeopardy," she confesses to TV WEEK.
"I laughed out loud in my lounge room at Dan freaking out over those pigeons, I cried when they brought in Chad's dog Buddy, and I was on the edge of my seat during those crucial challenges."
When it comes to the final four housemates, Sonia, 54, isn't allowed to play favourites, but she's still got some things to say about those left standing.
Sonia admits she'd guessed Dan and Mat as potential finalists from the start, but Sarah, who was eliminated in last night's episode, slipped under her radar.
"She hasn't had a strong alliance with any one person and she hasn't presented as a challenge threat," she explained.
"But I have a real soft spot for her. There's something so loveable about Sarah."
But while we must bid farewell to the smart 19-year-old, there's still four more housemates to get behind.
So who are they?
Presenting Daniel Gorringe, 27, Mat Garrick, 30, Sophie Budack, 25 and Chad Hurst, 27.
TV WEEK spoke to them ahead of the big finale - scroll on to hear what they had to say.
There are just four housemates left in the game - TV WEEK spoke to them to find out what they're thinking ahead of the finale. (Channel Seven)
TV WEEK: Why do you deserve to win?
Daniel: I've played the game harder than anyone. I put myself up for eviction to ensure Garth went home, I made an alliance with the enemy, Angela, to evict Shane, and I had to vote out one of my own in Xavier.
Mat: I managed to strike a balance between being myself and being a ruthless game player. I was fluid in my plan and alliances, and it's helped get me far.
Sophie: I've played the game hard, yet kept my integrity intact. I've also had to fight to stay in the game.
Chad: I played an honest game. I didn't cause drama or talk behind anyone's back.
Sarah was eliminated on Sunday evening. (Channel Seven)
How would you spend the prize money?
Daniel: I'd give some to my family, as the current economic climate has hit them hard. I'd also buy a home for my girlfriend and me in Melbourne.
Mat: The wedding of my dreams – and a pet armadillo named Frankie!
Sophie: I'll use it for a down payment on a property – and I'd like to invest in my new venture, a travel blog called notesofatraveladdict.com.
Chad: I'll be taking the boys away for a trip and also paying Ma's bills for as long as I can.
Who's your biggest competition?
Daniel: Both Sophie and Chad are fierce competition – people love lovers!
Mat: Definitely Dan. He's the funniest and best bloke in there.
Sophie: Chad, because he's such a likeable guy.
Chad: Sophie definitely. It's going to be hard if one wins and not the other, but either way, I'll be proud.

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