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EXCLUSIVE: The Big Brother legal scandal set to rock the house

A housemate's hidden secret could threaten to derail the show's comeback!

By Woman's Day team
Big Brother 2020 was all set to be the TV comeback of the decade.
An enormously loved franchise resurrected from the vault to save the embattled Seven Network from what's been a disastrous year for them.
However, producers Endemol Shine could see all their hard work come undone after a particularly scandalous story to do with one of the housemates is threatening to surface.
Woman's Day can exclusively reveal that Seven executives and the production company Endemol Shine have been racing around the clock to try and bury a story that's threatening to overshadow the show, even going as far as to tell their current crop of contestants – some who know the truth – to keep their mouths shut about anything they might have heard.
The story, which involves a housemate who has been advertised as a main personality in the series, could mar the family-friendly show so much that producers would be left with a PR nightmare on their hands and could also leave host Sonia Kruger reeling.
"This housemate is an integral piece of the Big Brother narrative this year.
Without them, there's not a lot of storyline," a source tells Woman's Day. "
"So production will be worried the truth coming out could force them to drastically change their edit or they'd have to face the music and cop a heavy backlash from viewers."
The story, which involves a housemate who has been advertised as a main personality in the series, could mar the family-friendly show so much that producers would be left with a PR nightmare. Seven
According to our source, the housemate in question had previously auditioned for another high-rating reality show last year, but didn't survive the competitor channel's vetting process.
Despite knowing about the contestant's alleged transgressions, producers still decided to risk putting the person centrestage.
And with rumours rife that the housemate makes it through to the final stages, the show's execs have been left in an impossible position.
"There's no way viewers will want that person to win $250,000. There'll be a severe backlash," adds our source.
WATCH BELOW: Big Brother treats contestant Allan to a cup of tea. Story continues after video.

Garth Saville's family revelation: "My foster son saved me"

Garth and his partner Gavin made the life-changing decision to foster a son in 2018. Supplied
While his decision to enter the Big Brother house will no doubt be life-changing, self-professed "gay dad" Garth Saville says nothing compares to his decision to foster a child with his partner Gavin.
"There was always something missing.
I felt like I needed to do something else in life," Garth tells Woman's Day.
The 50-year-old reveals the time finally came in 2018, when they fostered a five-year-old child.
"You just need to provide a loving home and a safe environment," he says.
Six or so months later, they had a foster son, making Garth feel "complete".
"I get emotional when I talk about it! It's not what we've done for him so much, it's what he's done for us," says Garth.
Would he welcome another child? "I could have loads more," he says."But I think he [his son] works best one-on-one and he's my priority."

Ian's girlfriend spills: "He still surprises me!"

Ian and Kerryn met in High School when they were 13 and have been together ever since. Instagram
Ian Joass is fast becoming a fan favourite on Big Brother 2020!
His gentle, plant-loving nature serves as a refreshing change from some of the extroverts in the house.
His girlfriend Kerryn Davis tells Woman's Day the 25-year-old is exactly the same in real life and she's "very proud" of him.
"I've known him since we went to high school together, when we were 13, and his kind heart, down-to-earth nature and passion for all creatures shines crystal clear on reality TV," she says.
"He still surprises me with his wit, humour and courage even after four years together.
He's my best friend and it warms my heart to see him be himself for all of Australia to see."

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