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Big Brother host Sonia Kruger reveals juicy new reboot details - and you can expect drama!

“Maybe I shouldn’t have said that…”

By Maddison Hockey
There are five long weeks remaining before the much-anticipated premiere of Big Brother Australia.
In the scheme of things, five weeks should be a breeze considering we've been waiting six years for the reality show to return.
Yet, we are bouncing in our sofa seats with excitement.
And we're not the only ones.
Even host Sonia Kruger told Nova 96.9 on Monday morning that the wait is "killing" her.
"I want it on now!" she told radio hosts Fitzy and Wippa.
Sonia is returning to host Big Brother for a second time. Image: Instagram
Sonia also blessed us with plenty of new, juicy details about the show and how it will work. And by the sounds of it, the new-look show will be almost like Survivor.
"In this version of the show the housemates go through huge challenges and if you win a challenge you get to nominate three people. Then the housemates vote who goes home," Sonia explained of the eviction process.
This new way of elimination, as Sonia confirms, is also sure to cause a lot of drama.
"The great thing is, three people get nominated, only one of them goes. Now those other two people know you nominated them," Sonia revealed, before realising she may have given away too much information.
"Maybe I shouldn't have said that…"
Could this be a peak at one of the challenges Big Brother has in store? Image: Channel Seven
The only time the public will vote is in the finale, when viewers at home will choose the ultimate winner.
Another rumour Sonia confirmed was the age range and type of housemates we'll see on the show.
"19 to 62 is the age range," she revealed.
In what will be a breath of fresh air, Sonia told Fitzy and Wippa this year's housemates won't be your typical reality type.
Instead, the contestants will resemble the diverse range of Aussies we used to see on the original show.
"What I love about this cast is there's not a single stereotypical reality type," she said.
"Think back to the early days of Big Brother, you did really get an interesting cross section. We've got a good cross section of people from all walks of life."
We've already seen three contestants leaked, and one other confirmed, in what's shaping up to be a pretty interesting cast.
Mat is the first offical, confirmed housemate for 2020. Image: Channel Seven
But the burning question we've all been asking: Is the new British-twinged voice of Big Brother we've seen on the advertisements, the true voice in the show?
"That is Big Brother," Sonia confirmed. "He's slightly menacing in a funny way, he's very unsettling."

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