Bachelor in Paradise

"It sounds great!" Bachelor In Paradise's Michael Turnbull wants to be the next Bachelor

Will ambitious Michael check out of Paradise?

By Tamara Cullen
First, Laurina Fleure stormed off the island. Now, the relentless infighting in Fiji might push Michael Turnbull to leave too.
But if he does, the handsome former professional soccer player has a plan: he'd like to be the next Bachelor!
"I've always been open to it," Michael reveals to TV WEEK. "I've had a couple of conversations with the producers."
The reality star has been weighing up the idea ever since he was rejected by Sam Frost in The Bachelorette Australia in 2015.
"To be the Bachelor is a whole other level," he says. "You have to date 20 girls at a time. It sounds great!"
Michael reveals he has had discussions about being the next Bachelor.
The 36-year-old tells Now To Love his perfect partner would have to meet most of the qualities on fellow contestant, Laurina's list.
"I'm not sure if you saw Laurina's list? She pretty much stole all my things," he admits.
"Me and Laurina are very much looking for the same person, except I'm looking for the female version if that makes sense?
"[But] I think the number one thing is a sense of humour."
Michael also reveals the two things a love interest could do to spoil their chances with him.
"Smoking, I don't like smokers so that's a pretty big deal breaker," he says.
"And someone who is rude to other people… Someone who is arrogant and selfish is a massive turn off for me. That's not what I'm about."
Michael and Laurina are looking for a similar partner.
As for his time on the island, Michael admits the constant drama affected his time on the show, mentally and emotionally.
"I found it exhausting," he says. "There was a fight every single day and we all got dragged through it."
It seems the constant bickering will lead to an explosive showdown. But will it be enough to make a fed-up Michael pack his bags and walk away?
"I was straight to the point and didn't put up with any s**t," he hints.
"If I saw something I didn't like, I told it like it was – I didn't hold back."

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