Bachelor in Paradise

"I know we can do better!" Megan Marx addresses the queerbaiting scandal on BIP

The reality star isn't impressed by the show's tactics.

By Bella Brennan
This week, it was finally confirmed that we'd all been taken for a ride thanks to some very sneaky editing on Bachelor in Paradise.
After a trailer appeared to show Megan Marx making out with Elora Murger, fans couldn't wait to see the ladies' love story play out.
But alas, it was the mother of all stitch-ups and in fact on Tuesday night Megan made out with Canadian intruder Thomas Perras, who just like Elora, has an impressive mop of long brown locks.
Online, fans slammed the show for their tacky queerbaiting tactics, labelling it a disgrace they'd promote a fake same-sex kiss in the hope to gain ratings.
And now, Megan Marx has addressed the scandal.
Taking to Instagram, the 29-year-old said she was "disappointed" her bisexuality had been exploited.
"There's been a lot of harangue about the queer baiting that was involved in the promotion of the show. I too was disappointed that my sexuality was used as leverage when truth (the fact that I'm a sexual minority at all!) is always the most respectful option," she explained.
"However I'm still grateful @bachelorinparadiseau gave me a platform to be myself and pursue any relationship I wanted to - they always made it clear they supported me, and were even respectful and open in me posting this message."
"A big apology to those who were offended, I know we can do better - we have a long way to go in Australia," Megan concluded.

Megan's social media statement has been met with support and praise from fans.
"You don't need to explain yourself, I guess most of us just had a moment of hope, that would've been so great to see on tv as no show really has a same sex relationship. You have a heart of gold @megan.leto.marx the show should of not used you as bait," one supporter said.
"They were wrong to do that to you," another penned.
"That's reality tv for you to spice up the ratings. But you are so sweet to address it. Stay true boo," a third noted.
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Surprise! It's Thomas, not Elora, that Megan pashed.
One person who's unphased by the backlash is Thomas.
"Kissing Megan was unreal, to be honest. I couldn't ask for a better date," he gushed after their late-night smooch in the ocean.
Megan rose to fame after rejecting the 2016 Bachelor Richie Strahan before falling in love with her co-star Tiffany Scanlon, while Thomas starred on the Canadian series of Bachelorette.
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"A big apology to those who were offended, I know we can do better - we have a long way to go in Australia," Megan says.