Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise’s Sam and Tara reveal their baby plans: 'We want a boy and a girl!’

The newly engaged couple open up to OK! about babies and their plans for their big day!

Has the Bachelor franchise ever delivered a more well-suited couple? Match made in Paradise, Tara Pavlovic and Sam Cochrane are as loved-up as ever, but Tara admits to OK! she finds it funny that everyone is now obsessed with her fiancé.
"Everyone's like 'I want a Sam!' But I'm like 'There's only one. Soz, he's mine – hands off,'" the 27-year-old laughs.
In fact, Tara is so chuffed with her new man, the pair are already talking children. "I want two kids, one of each – a boy and a girl," Tara reveals. "I would love to be a mum. Not sure when, but definitely. I don't know if we'll be able to agree on names, though."

Sam, 34, is keen for a mini-me: "I want a Michael Jackson. Or Michael Jordan or Bruce Wayne." Tara adds, "This is a really touchy subject. Deadpool. Let's call our son Deadpool."
With baby names sorted, talk turns to Tara's 1.5-carat engagement ring, rumoured to be worth $11,000. "Channel Ten had a selection. I chose what I like and what would look pretty on her," Sam tells. "A lot of people talk about money when it comes to rings, but I don't know about that and I don't care. I chose something pretty and that's what matters. She looks pretty in whatever she wears."

As for what's next, Sam's got a plan in place. "Get a trailer park, get her knocked up…" he jokes, before revealing what he really wants for their future.
"We haven't had a chance to celebrate our engagement yet, so we're going to enjoy that first."

But don't think this is the last we'll see of Australia's favourite couple – they're keen to share their journey on TV. "I tell you what, after getting to know Sam it would make for good TV. Literally all my videos are of Sam on the toilet," Tara shares.
"She makes me laugh all the time," Sam adds. "We laugh until we're sick." Ahh, young love!
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