Pregnancy & Birth

This Sydney Swans star's candid confession about his dying unborn baby will break you

The AFL player took to Instagram to share the young couple's heartbreaking news.

By Bettina Tyrrell
Falling pregnant is supposed to be one of the most beautiful and exciting times for a couple. But for Sydney Swans star, Gary Rohan and his wife Amie Rohan, the news they were expecting not just one baby, but twins, comes with a heavy heart.
Writing in a post on Instagram on Saturday, Gary, 26, explained that one of the baby’s lives is "destined to be cut short". In the heart-felt post Gary revealed he and Amie had learnt one of their "beautiful bubs" was diagnosed with anencephaly.
Anencephaly is a serious defect in the development of a baby’s brain, skull and scalp, meaning the baby will be born without a major portion of the brain.
"Babies born with anencephaly are not compatible with life," Rohan wrote.
"Since our brain tells our heart to beat, our lungs to breath, our legs to move and so on, these babies live from a few moments to a few hours after birth."

Gary, who married Amie on Hamilton Island in October, last year, said they had known about the baby’s condition since the 11 week scan. He revealed since they learnt the baby’s diagnosis they had struggled with the decision to go public with their situation, but in the end decided they should be transparent for the sake of their unborn baby and their own journey as parents.
"Talking about our situation with people has been our therapy, letting our emotions out has been the best thing for us personally," Gary revealed.

Gary’s emotional post was met with a flood of messages of support from the public, plus personal stories of other parents hear-breaking experiences with anencephaly.
"I lost my sweet baby girl to anencephaly two and a half years ago. It was an incredibly tough journey but I have no regrets. I carried this sweet baby to term. We loved and cherished our time with her. My heart breaks when I hear that someone's baby has been given this diagnosis. All the very best," wrote one woman.
Gary also revealed Amie is due in May, 2018.
"There are going to be some really difficult days ahead but also many happy ones, and we want to share each and every one of those moments with you all," said Gary.
We wish the lovely couple all the best.