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“Is the heartbeat going to be there?” Megan Gale on miscarriage fears

The model devastatingly lost her baby in May last year.

By Katie Skelly
Though she’s glowing through her current pregnancy, Aussie icon Megan Gale has opened up about the “underlying worry” she’s feeling following a heartbreaking miscarriage she suffered just over one year ago.
"Going into this pregnancy, even when we were trying, it was just so daunting," the model, who’s now in her second trimester, tells Monty Diamond on Show and Tell.
"This time it's been, 'Is it growing enough?' Before every scan it was, 'Is the heartbeat going to be there?' 'Am I going to get that bad news again?'”

Megan is being praised for the candid, #NoFilter interview, where she holds nothing back of her own journey to motherhood in a bid to start a conversation between mothers alike of the lesser-discussed aspects.
One topic included her impending-baby’s conception; or rather the lengths she and the AFL star went to to ensure it “happened”.
After six months of trying, the 41-year-old revealed she took a three-week holiday from her busy lifestyle, focused on nothing but falling pregnant.
“It took us so long because there was so many things, like Shaun was either injured or I was travelling and it sort of didn't line up.
“As soon as we just sort of slowed everything down and stopped, it happened,” she explained, adding that it wasn’t necessarily the most, uh... romantic procedure.
“As much as you head into it thinking, ‘We're going to keep it sexy and we're going to keep it romantic’, you can't help going, ‘Am I ovulating? What's going on? Is it in the window? Did we miss the window?’”

The expectant mother announced her baby joy back in April with a witty Instagram snap of a literal bun in her oven alongside the caption: “Should be fully baked come spring time.”
While she’s no doubt excited to give first-born son River a sibling, she’s equally looking forward to seeing her “amazing” and “very hands on” partner Shaun Hampson in action as a father of two.
"You have to be a united team [to parent] ... It makes such a difference when you have a good partner by your side," she says, adding her respect for those incredible single parents out there taking it all on solo.
"I don't know how people do the single parent thing - hats off ... it's pretty admirable."
We couldn't agree more, Megan!

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