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Heavily pregnant Maria DiGeronimo of Yummy Mummies seeks advice from her followers as she approaches her due date

The reality star is expecting her second child imminently.

By Jess Pullar
What does an influencer do when they have a question to ask? Why, take to Instagram to ask their followers, of course.
Yummy Mummies star Maria DiGeronimo did exactly that this week as the heavily pregnant mum approached her due date and pondered her next steps.
Sharing a cute pic to Instagram, the reality star wrote: "For everyone frantically asking - YES I'm over my due date... So now I either patiently wait and/or try a stretch and sweep-what's your thoughts? Anyone had it and want to share their experience."
In the image, Maria stands alongside her four year old daughter, Valentina, who she shares with her partner Carlos Vannini, while cradling her baby bump - a baby boy very close to arriving.
Maria revealed she has now passed her due date, and is now wondering how best to move forward. (Instagram)
Her post was met with a flood of advice from her fans.
One wrote: "I had a sweep and it set my labour off super fast - my sister in law on the other hand... did absolutely nothing for her! Whatever you choose, good luck!"
Another added: "I got induced because I couldn't wait !! But definitely recommend the epidural because when they induce you it's 10x more painful than natural labour."
One person weighed in with another perspective: "I personally didn't like the stretch and sweep and found it extremely unpleasant. I would not do it again if I had another baby. And really who knows if it brought on labour or bubs was just ready. Still took another week after so I'm going to say it didn't make a difference!"
Maria got advice from all perspectives from her fan base. (Instagram)
The reality star mum never fails to get people talking - for constructive and, er... nonconstructive reasons.
During her stint on Yummy Mummies, Maria divided the nation for her obsession with all things Versace and a penchant for the finer things in life.
But when she welcomed her little girl, Valentina while filming season one of the show, the 34-year-old said her perspectives changed.
Now, as she prepares to welcome her second child, she told Woman's Day that things will be different this time around.
"Having a child changed my life," she said.
"Motherhood makes me want to be the best version of myself for my family. I'm excited to go through pregnancy without the TV show.

After stepping back from the show (she declined to star on seasons two and three), Maria has put her family first in every way.
Announcing her pregnancy back in August 2020, Maria shared with her fans: "I'M PREGNANT!! Thankyou God🙏🏼 BABY DUE FEB 2021."
Her excitement clear, Maria has other idea when it comes to her undeniable appeal to the masses.
"A show based on real-life everyday antics would appeal to us," Maria said of a potential spin-off family based reality show.
Well, it seems this is certainly not the last we'll be seeing of Maria and her growing brood. Bring it all on!

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