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Congratulations! Sunrise's Edwina Bartholomew announces she's pregnant

She announced the surprise news on Sunrise.

By Erin Doyle
Congratulations are in order for Sunrise presenter Edwina Bartholomew who is pregnant with her first child.
Edwina, who is married to Neil Varcoe, announced the happy news on Sunrise on Wednesday morning as well as taking to Instagram to share the segment with her followers.
"I have a bit of an announcement myself," Edwina told her colleagues David Koch, Sam Armytage and Natalie Barr live on air.
"The girls already know but Kochie surprise, surprise – we're having a baby."
Kochie was ecstatic about the news and gave Edwina a warm hug before asking: "When are you due?"
Edwina replied that she was expecting the new bundle of joy to arrive in December.
"We're super stoked and our family is really excited. Mum has been bursting at the seams to tell everyone - so mum, you can tell everyone!" Edwina said.
While Kochie had been in the dark about the news, Edwina revealed the girls had discovered it beforehand.
"Sam knew early on and Nat guessed because I kept eating a lot of dried toast at three in the morning!" Edwina revealed.
Edwina announced live on air that she is pregnant. (Image: Getty)
Kochie was shocked and delighted to hear his colleague's happy news. (Image: Channel Seven)
The blonde TV presenter uploaded the segment to her social media, captioning it: "What I totally presented as an over consumption of croissants, has turned out to be something a little more permanent #babynews."
Her comments section was flooded with messages of congratulations, including from some very famous faces.
"Hooooooraayyyy!! This is absolutely AMAZING. So happy for you both. Just incredible. Sending lots of love and cuddles," wrote Grant Denyer.
Kylie Gillies wrote: "Beautiful news Eddy 💐 💙💞💐 Congrats to you both ( Now...plans for the nursery !!!"
Carrie Bickmore added: "Such brilliant news for a brilliant woman," while Jesinta Franklin penned: "Beautiful news ❤️❤️ you'll be an amazing mum"
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The baby, due in December, will be the first child for Edwina and husband Neil Varcoe (pictured). (Image: @edwina_b/Instagram)
"I think my mum would like us to think about it immediately. Both my parents are in their seventies and my mum would be the best grandma – and it's really something I want for her, sooner rather than later. I've also seen so many of my friends have trouble having kids, and I just wouldn't want to leave it too late," she spilled.
And she hinted that there could be plans for more than one kid in the future.
"He comes from four and I come from three, so I think we'll probably end up with three and a half. [Laughs] No, probably three, two or three. I wouldn't want one, but two doesn't feel like enough. I guess it comes down to how many we can afford!" she said.

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