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Parents-to-be are in an online frenzy over the BIG W Bub&Me Baby Event!

They're stocking up while the going's good.

By Rebel Wylie
Getting ready for a new family member to arrive is one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy. Products you never even thought about in your life pre-kids are now filling your search engines as you start to research exactly what is you'll be needing for your life as a parent.
The baby aisle is a whole new world, and when you hear about a baby sale ... whoo boy! It's time to load up the trolley. That's exactly what has been happening in store and online since BIG W announced their Bub&Me Baby Event 2019 running from 1st - 14th of August.
Online groups like, Big W Families Australia are full of parents and parents-to-be in a frenzy over the bargains to be found with great deals across big brands such as Bonds, Huggies and Mother's Choice, with some items up to 50 percent off, both in-store and online.
"Baby Sale started and I'm so in love with all the colours! Plus it's 40 percent off bonds ❤" shared one mum-to-be alongside an image of fully stocked shelves, as the chatter began.
Shoppers are sharing their golden finds from the sale and comparing products and prices to ensure they're making the most of this opportunity to stock up while the going is good. But knowing what to grab, and what to leave behind is one of the biggest challenges the bargain-hunters seem to be facing.
Considering your lifestyle when making baby purchases will help ensure you only buy the products you really need from the baby aisle. (Image: Getty)
Whether you're a seasoned mum, a grandparent of a first-timer, knowing what you need ahead of venturing down the aisle will set you in good stead to make the most of the sale.
Leanne MacDonald from Mother's Choice says that knowing your lifestyle is the biggest asset you'll have when making purchasing decisions."My advice for new mums when baby shopping is to ask themselves what they're lifestyle is going to be like and then select the items that suit your needs as well as the baby's," says Leanne.
"When I became a mother, I started off with one large single stroller for walks and being social, but I ended up buying a second one that was easier to fold up into the boot of the car, because I needed the two different types of use. Over half of first-time parents regret the stroller they purchased before the baby's arrival because they didn't consider their lifestyle needs."
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Ahead of the sale BIG W conducted research which revealed that brand and price are key shopping drivers in the baby category.
Trusted friends and family are the key source of information (80 percent) for pregnant mums when seeking advice on shopping for their new baby, followed by experts and reputable brands. This compares to just 64 percent of second-timers who claim to be more relaxed and likely to go with the flow.
Shoppers can score the Mother's Choice 'Haven' Stroller for just $249 - a saving of $50 in the The BIG W Bub&Me Baby Event! (Image: Big W)
"My second piece of advice is to not to feel pressure from outside sources, because some things are personal choices when it comes to you and your baby," advises Leanne.
"We recommend to new parents to focus on the basics first such as the cot and basinet, the car seat/capsule, the pram and wraps for swaddling because these are the necessities that will last the longest and they will get the most value from."

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