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Bec Judd’s husband Chris recalls the terrifying birth of son Oscar

Oscar, now six, had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck prompting an emergency delivery.

Rebecca Judd is beloved for her #nofilter approach to pregnancy, motherhood and well, life. And now, her husband Chris is dipping a toe into the proverbial pool.
Speaking with Mamamia on the latest episode of their Hello Bump: The Pointy End podcast, the 34-year-old recalled the terrifying birth of his first child with the television presenter.
Oscar, now six, needed to have an emergency delivery after the umbilical cord became tangled around his neck causing his heart rate to drop.
“Births are really rough… doctors are not so carefully pulling them out,” he told the publication.
“I remember with Oscar, his heart rate was dropping and they’re like ‘right, we’ve got to get him out’. And I remember talking to Len Kliman, the obstetrician, afterwards and saying ‘wow, that was pretty hairy wasn’t it?’…He’s like ‘no, trust me, that was nothing’.”
He added: “My memories were that it was touch and go, whereas I think in reality it was a pretty stock standard birth albeit his heart rate was dropping slightly.”

Chris, who also witnessed the birth of daughter Billie in 2014 and entered the operating theatre as twin sons, Darcy and Tom, were delivered last year, went on to describe feeling “powerless” on each occasion.
“Short of the old hand hold, or very occasionally encouraging words, I think it’s best to just stay out of the way and accept that it’s a huge thing that your wife’s going through and you’re unfortunately, powerless to help,” the former AFL footballer said.
“There’s a strong urge that you really want to be useful and you really want to get in and help, but the reality is there’s not much you can do.”
“And the best thing for you to do is let the doctor perform. They’re the ones most qualified to help.”

Bec recently revealed that their little daughter is beginning to become obsessed with something rather odd for her age –- her looks.
"All of a sudden [Billie] has started caring about her appearance so much. It's really scary," the former speech pathologist said on The 3pm Pick Up with Monty Diamond.
"I don't know where it's come from because at home, I wear active wear pretty much, sneakers, chuck my hair up and barely put on any make-up."
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Bec explained that her daughter “hates” her curly hair to the point where she “screams in the mirror.”
“She’s got this curly hair, so it... springs back up. And she screams at the mirror… She’s just furious.”
“I said ‘Billie what are you doing, just let it go babe you’ve got curly hair’ and she says ‘Mummy, I don’t like my hair I want straight hair like you’."
Billie’s behaviour, Bec said, has made her and her husband shift focus to praising qualities far more important than physical appearance.
“It really makes Chris and I think OK, we’ve got to put so much emphasis on being a kind human and be strong and being smart.”
She added: “Girls, they are tricky!”

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